Monday, July 5, 2010

Bacon grease, Wendys & Pizza!

Yes, I ate all 3 today. I made bacon for a picnic and then fried my egg in a wee small amount of bacon grease this morning.  We then were out for errands in the afternoon and stopped at Wendys.  I just had a $1 chicken sandwich that I'm sure had WAY too many calories and grease.  I ate just a small amount of food at the picnic, but then failed the day by eating 3 pieces of unnecessary pizza this evening.  Grrr. 

I would have been fine without the pizza.  I wasn't even hungry, it was just cheesy, greasy and tasty.  Sadly, what I enjoy the most.  Other than that, I had a pretty good weekend. 


  1. Debbi, I can NEVER turn down pizza. BUT I have learned to ONLY eat 2 pieces, and blot the grease off with a paper towel.

    Also, bacon grease on or in ANYTHING makes it taste better. And I try not to use it or eat it. But I do loooove it!

    Wendy's I can live without.

    Glad your weekend was good!

  2. Debbi, Hey , that was yesterday! Today eat healthy.
    Pizza calls my nasme too! Yes that grease and cheese is so good.
    I am going for a walk now because of what I ate yesterday too!
    Thank you for your comment today on my blog!
    Have a pretty day!


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