Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stop Making Excuses!

What is it about weekends?  Why do we give ourselves silent permission to snack and eat bad food.  We always regret it. 

I've been seeing post after post about people who just lost it over the weekend and I keep seeing the same pattern.  This just happened to be a long weekend and a holiday which made it much worse!

We make excuses that "It's not my normal routine" or "There was a BBQ and I couldn't help it".  Dang it, those are just excuses!  We CAN help it. We still are making the CHOICE to eat those desserts or snack on junk we know we shouldn't.  The temptations are NOT beyond our control yet we choose to let ourselves believe that it IS too much temptation. 

We need to take control of the weekends and not let them control us!  It CAN be done. I am SO done with excuses!  It's how we became super fat in the first place.  We all WANT to lose weight so enough with all the excuses and just DO IT!

Yes, I'm talking to mainly myself.  But maybe you should listen too!  :-)

Right after I wrote this, earlier this morning, Anti Jared posted something about making excuses on holiday weekends too.

I finished up the day at about 1500 calories.  I ate an amazingly good dinner that I will share on my recipe blog tomorrow night.  It was a turkey black bean burger and southwestern butternut squash.  It was healthy, low calorie and incredibly tasty!


  1. Yes, Debbi, you are speaking to me, too. I am the one who makes the choices and I am the one who puts the food in my mouth.

    However, I did do really well this past weekend. I just set out at the beginning of the weekend to not overindulge and I didn't. I kept up my exercise all weekend and stayed on track. Of course it didn't show much on the scale, but it will. Maybe. I hope. ;-)

  2. This is a great reminder! Besides...who says weekends our out of our routine? They happen once a week!

    By the way....your food looks Amazing! I'm going to have to try some of them out!

  3. i need that turkey burger recipe! that sounds good!!!!


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