Friday, July 30, 2010


I just bought a couple new MP3 players for me and the kids to listen to while exercising. So I have been devising song playlists for us to listen to.  Now, most of my music during the day consists of Laurie Berkner kids songs or some of the really annoying kids songs that you just have to be 4 to like. Sure we like to jump around to Kiss' I Want To Rock and Roll All Night or Rock Me Amadeus but for the most part, we stick to the kids songs.

When I am by myself or *gasp* exercising, obviously Weenie Man just isn't going to cut it.  So I finally put together a mommy play list.  For my ears only.  My "mommy playlists" in the past have consisted of songs that I like but ones that the kids can tolerate and like too. I am blessed that my kids and I do enjoy many of the same songs. 

However, I have quite the array of songs.  I don't stick to just one genre.  I like rock, country, punk, 80's, religious songs, some classical, some heavy metal, pop, love songs, whatever.  From Air Supply to Zepplin, I like a lot of different stuff.

I also like to put many different kinds of music together on one playlist. So I don't like to have all slow songs together. Too depressing. I totally couldn't handle an all country playlist. I would go crazy.  Nor do I like constant 80's tunes or constant headbanging music in succession.

I know, I'm rambling, I just spent the last hour dealing with music so it's on my mind so bear with me.  So I get my playlist together and I'm listening to it and I just started laughing.  My husband started looking at me funny too.   Laughing at the ludicrousy of some of the songs that are back to back.  I listened to I Made It Through The Rain by Barry Manillow.  Such a pretty song, it put me in a quiet reflective mood. Immediately followed by Puddle of Mudd's Psycho. I just can't think of more opposite songs yet I love them both.

This really has nothing to do with weight loss or dieting but for the fact that it kept my hand out of the cookie jar while doing it.  More accurately, my hand away from the latest Amish Friendship bread.  Oh my, this is a good one.  

Music has become essential for exercising around here. My kids are trying to get into running and they are so psyched when they can listen to music while running. It improves their attitude immensely!

So, do you need music when you exercise?  What do you listen to?  I am always open for suggestions! 

Today went well for food but for the constant dipping into the chocolate chips and pecans as I was making dessert.  Still came in fine.  I weighed myself this morning and the water weight has officially went away.  We're back.  So it's game time.  (with my new playlist!)


  1. Don't laugh.

    Beatles, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Carrie Underwood, Donna Summer, Billy Joel, Elton John, Eagles, Sheryl get the picture.

    I said DON'T LAUGH!!

  2. Debbie,

    I like movie soundtracks when I run as it relaxes me and helps me think, for example, the soundtrack from the movie Rudy is currently on my playlist.

    Of course, for gym workouts I need something a little more intense so go with songs such as Day and Night, Empire State of Mind, or other main stream Hip-Hop favorites.

    I'm like you though and I enjoy most good music from any genre. Pandora is a good service for discovering new stuff.

    Another option for you may be to get a custom song created just for your work-outs on MusikPitch. You can tell the songwriters the similar music you like and even write out the lyrics. Then you set the prize amount you want to pay and songwriters compete to write you a song. You pick the winner and get the song.

  3. I listen to a lot of different stuff too but the Rocky soundtrack really gets me going. It's my favorite movie of all time and somehow inspires me to kick some butt.

  4. i love listening to music! one of my favorite things to do.. especially when im driving or cleaning! lol
    my music taste is totally crazy too- from ballads and R & B to krunk hip hop.. back to country.. haha


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