Sunday, July 18, 2010

Survived The Picnic!

Just got back from family picnic number one for the week.  We are on vacation this week and it's busy, busy, busy!!  So we saw MY side of the family today and it was fun. Not to big but a lot of nice food. I did good. I had a hamburger, some pasta salad, small handful of chips, a bit more pasta salad and 2 cookies.  Not too bad. I also barely ate anything before that, just a nutrigrain bar and a piece of turkey so I was pretty hungry by the time that the picnic came around. 

No idea how many calories but I'm happy!


  1. i never eat well at family things and i have one this weekend. Its so hard to diet when your family all around you isnt! Good job and i'm going to be following you for some more motivation. thanks for posting :D

  2. Great choices, Debbi. Keep it up!


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