Saturday, July 17, 2010

Setting Myself Up For Failure?

So today is the first day of what may be a bad week for eating.  I'm on vacation again which means the routine is completely different, we have a super busy week filled with a local fair, 2 family BBQ's, an amusement park and a long weekend at a hotel. 

I don't want to set myself up for failure by just giving up this week.  That would be just stupid. I am being realistic though that I'm NOT going to be coming in under 1500 calories a day anytime soon.

Today was the local fair.  Rather than eat fair food, we opted to go to a restaurant instead. It was a buffet.  *sigh*  Buffets are so good, but evil.  I didn't do as horrible as I used to but I didn't do as good as I should have. (boy, I've said that before!!)  Tomorrow is family picnic number one.  Luckily it's fairly small and it won't be a huge smorgasbord of food.  Still there will be chips. Can I keep away from the evil chips?? 

I will try.


  1. Good luck, Debbi!

    Vacations and diets don't mix. At. All.

    Hang in there, chances are you won't do as bad as your are expecting. And if you do, don't be too hard on yourself. Vacations don't happen everyday.

    I had a bad week this week. I'll be posting it on Monday. Too much stress eating.

    Did you see I blogged about your giveaway? I'm loving all of these CSN Stores giveaways!

  2. you can keep away from the chips!!

    i would bargain for your calories.. they have this little thing in shape magazine where they tell you the calorie counts of treat foods and then tell you how much exercise you have to do to burn it off.. so if you know going into it, that you would have to run 7 miles to burn off the calories in that piece of fried dough, it might make you only eat half, so you only have to run 3 miles ;) i do this when im at parties and stuff.. it helps sometimes!!

  3. Debbi, just take it one meal at a time and try to make the smart choices. Take a few chips and don't go back for seconds. What helps me is, after I have eaten I start taking other's plates and asking if they want more tea/water/soda. This helps the hostess and gets my hands busy to keep them off the chips, etc.

    Be strong!!

  4. Debbi, I can't just eat a couple chips. Once I start down that path I'm a goner. Try picturing the chips covered in slime or bugs. Do you still want them? You can do it, Debbi! The chips are not in charge - YOU are!


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