Thursday, July 15, 2010

...things growing in the basement

Sorry, this is going to be one of those highly uninspirational, boring posts.  Long, busy day and I really need the bed!  I DO need to be accountable and continue to write here though.  So if I ate 14 cupcakes and a bag of doritos.  I WON'T be able to just ignore it and deny that it ever happened.

It didn't happen. Thank goodness!

It could though.

Today went fairly well.  I went over, probably about 1700 calories but not necessarily from lack of control.  Went to my dads to help clean his house, (holy smokes I won't tell you what I found growing in the basement!).  So we brought pizza.  I should have just stuck to my 2 pieces but then I went for the oh so buttery garlicky breadsticks.  Oh well, life goes on and tomorrow is another day.  Tomorrow will be busy too, hopefully too busy to snack!! 


  1. oh man, i can ONLY IMAGINE what was down there *shudder* i hate basements!!

  2. We have tiny mutant midget moths reproducing in our basement and WE CAN'T GET RID OF THEM!! I've been sucking them off the walls with the vaccum, and finally we bug bombed the whole house last week and killed a bunch, but there were enough survivors that they are tripling in number every day. AAAAAAA! So frustrating. Good job on not eating 14 cupcakes and a bag of Doritos--Lord knows us girls can really pack in the junk food. LOL! You're doing great, Debbi.


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