Sunday, August 15, 2010

Can I Still Fit Into The Pajamas???

Busy day, busy day!  Complete failure as far as eating too.  I so wish I could crawl in a hole and not tell anyone but THAT certainly wouldn't help!! 

I started out so good. Nice breakfast, nice lunch, sensible snack.  Then the buffet for dinner. It wasn't pretty. It's almost 11 at night and I'm still full.  Seriously. Started with the nice sensible salad and then realized how HUNGRY I was and didn't stop to think before eating a whole bunch of junk, more junk, 1/2 my husbands chocolate pie, some banana pudding and then topped it off with some apple crisp with ice cream.  Small portion but still.  I so wasn't even remotely hungry for it. It just looked good. I SOOOOO have to stay away from the restaurants!!

I'm incredibly tired.  I so need to go to bed. If I can still fit into the pajamas!! I feel so huge after that meal!!  Grrr..


  1. I did it over the weekend, too. Pizza for lunch Sunday, then popcorn. Finally I had a slice of turkey that stopped the craving for carbs.

    Saturday wasn't much better, just snacky all day.

    Forgive yourself and start eating defensively today.

  2. We try not to hit the buffets any more because it's too much temptation, but one thing that might help is making sure you're not starving before you go. Even eat a light snack--because it's hard to restrain yourself when you're so hungry.

  3. I haven't changed my eating to much but my tummy seems so heavy and the scale said so too. Hard to be good when you feel like this. Oh well this too shall pass and I bet your PJ's fit just fine. You are doing so great and I am so inspired by all that you do. Keep up the great work and keep sharing.
    Take care and have a great day. God Bless!!


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