Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blame It On The Beans

Ooops! I forgot to post yesterday.  I stayed up way too late doing dumb stuff on the computer and then when it was like 1 am,  I thought about posting but then thought going to bed was a better idea. 

I ate too much the last 2 days.  I made baked beans.  No, I made AWESOME baked beans. I have several recipes for beans but these are now my favorite. 

And I'm not even going to give you the recipe!  Ha!  Not for a few weeks anyway when I get around to posting it. Let me just say that it had a lot to do with bacon and salsa!  Yummers!

Anyways.  They were so good that I way over ate.  Really over ate.  Beans, especially when it involves bacon, are pretty high calorie.  They came in at about 350 calories per cup.  That's a lot of calories.  But not a ton of beans.  Oh, it's enough to be full. They are healthy, full of fiber and protein so a cup of beans and a salad would have been perfect. 

BUT THEY TASTED SO GOOD!!  I just had to have more.  And more. 

I slept in this morning.  Guess what I had for breakfast?  Guess what I had for lunch?  Yup!  Beans!

Seriously, I think I would have had more control if there were a cheesecake in the frig! 

Moral of the story. Calories were high, today and yesterday. Not gain 2 lbs. kind of high but the scale certainly isn't going to be showing a loss if this keeps up!!  SO - my goal is to have a few super good days to make up for it. 

Tomorrow shouldn't be as bad.  The beans are gone.  :-(


  1. You sure are gonna miss those beans tomorrow. You're gonna wish you hadn't eaten so many and saved just one more portion for tomorrow. ;-)

  2. Oh how I love beans! If they are in the fridge, I am always picking!

  3. i love beans too! they are awesome, hopefully you'll share how you made it ;)

    well.. the good news is, you ate them all and got it over with.. lol


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