Thursday, August 26, 2010

Evil Chocolate Chips

I seriously didn't want to post today.  Not that it would have changed anything. 

I started out so good.  I ate my pizza egg bagel as usual.  Then I ate a fair amount of pizza for lunch.  Not TOO much.  Mostly toppings, not that much crust.

Then I made amish bread.  You know, the ones that I've been making on my recipe blog for the last few months.  It wasn't necessarily the bread/cake itself that got me.  It was the chocolate chips. I made a coconut bread with chocolate topping.  I KEPT eating the chocolate chips!!  Every handful I took, I kept thinking, "what the heck are you doing, stop doing that!". But I didn't. I ate WAY too many.

Then I ate some cake.  Not too much but some.

I was thinking about blaming it on the monthly visitor but I don't think I ate them because I was craving them.  I ate them because they were THERE. Seriously.   

I didn't eat dinner.  I just wasn't hungry. Isn't that weird??  I did make a new meal today for my blog so I photographed it and ate about 2 bites and then put it away for lunch tomorrow.  It's not like 1/4 bag of chocolate chips and 2 pieces of cake could really fill me up THAT much?  Calories wise, it was insane I'm sure.  Each piece of cake is roughly 300 calories.  I don't want to know how much 1/4 bag of chocolate chips is.  Okay, so I just figured it out. Not actually QUITE as bad as I thought. I used 1/2 the bag for the frosting and there is about 1/4 of the bag left so I ate about 400 calories in chocolate chips.

So this is the breakdown.

Pizza Egg Bagel = 200
Pizza = 500
Amish Bread/Cake = 600
Chocolate Chips = 400
Few bites of dinner = 100

Total calories = 1800 calories

Weird, it's not as bad calorie wise as I thought.  I seriously thought it would be closer to 3000 or something.  That's what it FELT like. Nutritionally, it totally sucked.  You'd think I would be starving but I'm TOTALLY not. I should be in a sugar coma!!

In any case, I feel horrible about the choices I made today.  The good news, is at least I DID keep track and am being accountable for it.  Think how much worse it would be just to mindlessly eat and not have ANY idea of how much was consumed!!  I spent too many years doing THAT so we're not going back there. 

Tomorrow will be better.  No more cake. 


  1. Last night I was seriously considering taking a day off of eating good things and just eat whatever I want. Then this morning I was 1.6 lb down from just yesterday. Must have had a buildup in my digestive tract that needed to move on through. Anyway, things look different today.

    You shouldn't have eaten the chocolate chips - too many empty calories. But I don't think they'll make any difference in the big picture. And if you really enjoyed them, lose the guilt. Make today a veggie day.

  2. Oh don't worry about it. We all mess up and you did enjoy them so it really wasn't a waste just not great for you. Tomorrow's a new day, just jump back on the wagon and do what you've been doing so well most of the week.
    Take care Debbi and have a blessed weekend.

  3. You know, you could have done so much worse but since you are tracking, you stopped yourself before you went too far! The choice wasn't the best on the chocolate chips in place of dinner, but girl--at least you didn't eat a big dinner on top of them! We all have days like these and I think you did really well!


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