Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday Week 14

Well, we have a 1.4 loss today. I'll take it!!  At least we're heading in the right direction and my focus is still good and I've been having very good days with eating. 

I need to start exercising though... 

Today's eats

1/2 banana = 60 calories
Pizza Egg Bagel = 200 calories
Taco Twist Bake = 450 caliories
Salad = 200 calories
Hamburger = 380 calories
French fries = 150 calories
Corn on the cob = 60 calories

Total calories = 1500 calories

The hamburger I ate for dinner was HUGE, it was 330 calories just for the meat (Costco sirloin burger) so I ate it with no bun but some ketchup and bbq sauce.  I should have skipped the fries but I so love them!!  I would have much rather had the fries than the stupid bun for the hamburger though!!


  1. Congrats on the loss! I would trade the bun for the fries, too.

  2. 1.4 is great! Woot woot! I'm doing an imaginary victory dance right now--close your eyes so we can do it together!


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