Monday, August 2, 2010

The Game

Game on...

That was the title of Biz's post today and I am so with it!  I can't think of better words.

This is like a game. A game between us and the food. A game between our wants and our desires. 

WE want to lost weight but the FOOD tastes so good.  We WANT to be skinny and healthy but our DESIRE for the food wins.  It wants to win.  Don't we all. 

We may be winning for a long time, get overconfident, start to let our guard down and that is where it swoops in and destroys all the progress we've made.  Leaving us back at the beginning of the game.

Some people have won the game!! Yes, we've seen some people master the game and stay ahead for a long time!  Good for them!

I don't want to play the game.  But I have to. So as long as I have to play the game. I want to win!  Holy cow do I want to win. Really, really badly.

I've got big plans for August.  And none of them involve restaurants or overeating.  Or Parcheesi.

Game on...


  1. I like thinking of it as a game rather than a battle, which is my usual mindset--LOL! I like your attitude--let's win this thing! :)

  2. I guess that is our "theme" for August. GAME ON here, too!

  3. Oh yeah, this is the biggest and most important game of our lives. We're in it to win it. Game On!


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