Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fry Boxes and Hamburger Boxes

I need to give a shout out to another one of my favorites. (are you kidding me, there are SO many favorites! You all are!). Anyways, I was so happy for Skinny Emmie the other day. She posted a total of 69 lbs. lost.  69 lbs. is a LOT. I made the comment on her blog that I used to work for a fast food restaurants years and years ago and I remember the fry boxes being 36 lbs. and the hamburgers being 50 lbs.  I remember how heavy those were when unloading inventory. I think of that often now when I lose weight. 

I remember when I lost a 36 lb fry box.

Then I lost a 50 lb. hamburger box. 

Now, all together, I'm just about at one fry box and and a hamburger box together lost. That's a lot of burgers and fries!

Now I just need to lost ANOTHER hamburger and fry box and we'll be good!! 

I go to the store now and buy 3 lbs. of meat. Or 5 lbs. of meat. Sometimes, I get the big Sam's Club 10 lb roll of ground beef.  I think, "How nice it would be to lose this!",  Or "I can't believe I GAINED this much!"

It becomes more of a reality for me when I can SEE what 10 lbs. looks like. 

Funny how I am posting this today. I actually did a freezer cooking day. I'll be posting about that on my other blog in a week or so. I bought 20 lbs. of ground turkey and make different meatloafs, burgers, meatballs and taco meat to last for a long time.  That was a lot of ground turkey!! 

I ate good today.  I ate about 1500 calories.  I'm feeling pretty good.  Hope the rest of the week goes well.  Scratch that.  I KNOW the rest of the week will go well!!


  1. I just had to go check out Skinny Emmie's blog and I love it! Thanks for the link--I'm now a subscriber. Well done on your weight loss so far and I guess I missed your blog on the last weigh-in b/c I see you lost a whopping 6.8 lbs so that you're almost back to where you started! You go girl! That is great. I like how you think of weight loss in terms of those boxes of fries and burgers. I always think of mine in sticks of butter....maybe because I love to bake so much and always have several pounds on hand. It's nice to think, even when I only lost half a pound, "hey that's 2 sticks of butter!" LOL! Keep it up the good work--you'll lose those burgers and fries eventually! hahaha

  2. Yep, me too. Sticks of butter. My calico cat who weighs 15 lbs. A pound of hamburger meat.

    Why is food always on my mind?

  3. Hi Debbie, first, thanks for visiting and second Kudos to you for what you are doing here. I have a Weight Loss blog also - which I do meal planning on. I have been stuck at -4 pound for almost 2 months. However I have not stopped exercising one single day in almost 6 weeks! It can be frustrating, but like you I won't give up! Good luck!

  4. hey thats a good idea for motivation!! i like it! its amazing to actually SEE what the poundage looks like..


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