Monday, August 9, 2010

I Want an Extra Day!

Today was just one of those odd days where I know I didn't overeat, but I didn't calculate my calories.  I find often when I eat leftovers, I have to estimate on calories so I tend not to bother.  Luckily I was too busy to eat. At least too much. 

I am gearing up for a busy month.  Or many months. I've had fun with the summer "off".  I homeschool my kids so their summer off is my summer off.  It's been nice.  But school starts in 4 weeks and I've got things that I HAVE to get done before school starts. Just paperwork stuff. Dumb stuff. I have a lot to organize. My desk looks like a paper factory blew up!  Stuff everywhere!   I've been having fun getting recipes and commenting and reading blogs but I'm going to have to cut back a bit.  There just isn't going to be enough hours in the day. Especially once school starts.  *sigh*. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have an extra day once in awhile? 


  1. I agree with this post entirely!

    While I don't homeschool, Grace has been keeping me super busy now that she is running all over the house! My office is a wreck, paper everywhere. I can never seem to get laundry finished. I need to catch up!

    I also agree with the leftovers thing. I have trouble tracking the weight watchers points once the meal is packed away. Especially if it's pasta or rice with the toppings mixed right in for storage.

    Tonight, I measured out a single portion of our leftovers into a container for myself, then the rest into another container for my husband. Now, I know exactly how to track that meal for points. I'll have to remember to do that with all our leftovers. Otherwise, I'll have to guess and I hate guessing.

  2. I don't know how to count leftovers, either, so I just count high. Meat loaf, for example. I love it, but know it has to be high in calories. Casseroles with several ingredients. Count high. It seems to be working.

  3. Counting calories is so hard especially with the homemade stuff. I don't buy to much store bought stuff so it's almost impossible at times. Like today, it's zuchinni bread and BBQ ribs with homemade sauce. Oh well I try to break it down as best as possible and go from there.
    At times I wish I had homeschooled Mike but it wouldn't of mattered now, he graduated this year and is done until college next year. I not sure if I'll be missing the school days or not, with daycare kids I have a feeling I won't get a chance to miss it much.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  4. LOL--that's what I always say on Sunday--i want an extra day! I think there should be a three day weekend, don't you? I know how you feel--I have gotten behind on my email, on blogging, on reading blogs--it's so hard to keep up with everything when you're working! Organization helps, though--so get'r done! :)


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