Friday, August 6, 2010

Stick With It Already!!

Boring post ahead.

I stayed up way too late so I don't want to type any more.  I need to be accountable so type I will do!

I ate crappy today. Not awful but just junk that I didn't need not account for. 

I sound like a broken record but I NEED TO START RECORDING MY MEALS AGAIN!!!

I keep saying it, but I'm not doing it.  Grrrr.  Make a plan, stick with it.   I know what the plan needs to be, now I just need to STICK WITH IT!

Off to bed, way too tired to think.

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  1. Debbi, wake up today and decide no more junk foods. Replace them with something you like that's not junk. Almonds, a little peanut butter on 2 crackers or just a few pretzels dipped in pb, low fat cheese on some good whole grain crackers. Or if it's sweets you want, eat some jello sugar free fat free pudding. We like the double chocolate and the chocolate mocha. You could probably whip up some sugar free pudding and add your own flavors. Drink more water. When I first started this in April, I ate a lot of baby carrots. Not so many now, but they got me through the snack moments.

    You know what to do, girl.


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