Thursday, August 5, 2010

Moody Computer

My computer has been in a bad mood all day.  Super slow, closing windows at will, not letting me send emails.   The whole day had been annoying.  So I didn't get much computer stuff done.

I did manage to list my lemon chicken on my other blog.  I could eat that daily.  Seriously. 

I ate decently today but as usual, snacked too much.  Stupid stuff like a handful (or 2) of butterscotch chips and way too many tootsie rolls tonight. My kids and I were bible reading and we were eating tootsie rolls as a treat. I don't even particularly LIKE tootsie rolls.  Plus it's really hard to read aloud when you are chewing chocolate.  Pretty stupid. 

All in all, I'm still doing well. I would like to be more disciplined though. I'm afraid if I'm allowing this snacking now, that in a week or so, I'll be doing it much more.  That's the trend that I'm seeing. I want desperately to avoid that trend. 

So for now, I keep doing what I'm doing.  My meals are spot on.  It's just the junk inbetween the meals that I have to work on. 

I hope my computer isn't moody tomorrow. I've got blogs to read and comment on!!!  :-)


  1. Debbi, the snacks are something I still miss. And I LOVE the Tootsie Rolls. Now when I get a snack attack I try to eat a few almonds and drink some water. If that doesn't work, I try to find something leftover in the fridge. Maybe a few bites of pork chop or grilled chicken. Usually that does work, but then it's peanut butter and 2 saltines. All with more water. I really try to not snack on the empty junk food. But...sometimes that is all that will work. In that case, I just try to not overdo it.

    Why is it so hard? (Sigh.)

  2. Have you considered scaling your meals down to allow for some snacks? perhaps knowing that you shouldn't snack is making you want to do it even more, so maybe if you allowed yourself more wiggle room by putting your meals at 300-400 calories, it might help you stay on target with your total calories.


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