Thursday, September 23, 2010

Awesome Quote

Here's a quote from a Kim Bensen newsletter that I get. I thought this was awesome:

“Any ecstasy lasting less than 5 minutes which gives negative, body altering results lasting longer than a month, just isn’t worth it!”

Isn't this SO TRUE??  We want the piece of cake, we want to taste it and enjoy it. But how long does it last?  A couple of minutes? Maybe.  Then what.  Are we satisfied.  Maybe. Or maybe I could have just One. More. Piece. 

It just isn't worth it. 


  1. I don't know about that! I love me some cake :)

    Visiting from NFF!

    Hannah @

  2. Learning balance is really the key. Denyiong yourself a little bit of cake and then obsessing about it is not much good either. I think the French portion sizes for desserts are great - small by Aussie standards, but enough to give you a taste without gorging yourself.

    Stopping by from NFF.

  3. Debbie, this is exactly the demon I have battled for years. If one piece of cake is good, how good will two be? Oh yeah going back in! I can honestly say of all the things I am proud to have accomplished in this lifestyle change, the ability to have one mini candy bar as a sweet tooth fix is my proudest achievement to date. I have learned that 7 of them do not taste any better than 1, they just have more calories.

  4. Ok it made me think of something completely inappropriate... which then threw me into fits of giggles.... I know, I'm immature.
    It's a good point when put into perspective of food too.

  5. Just realized you have another blog!!! Yippee(for me) :) Maybe this one WONT make me drool perhaps? hehe.

    Anyway, this post hits the nail on the head for me. Its part of that whole cycle that I have gotten myself out of and hope to never get back into.

    Eat something tasty and bad for me, it tastes good, I feel guilty, I throw the towel in for the whole day, say i will start over tomorrow, get up next day, do well with eating, break down and eat something tasty and bad for me, feel guilty...etc...You get the point.

    So now I just allow myself a small treat here and there so I am not deprived and all is better. I track calories and have a pretty good idea of what I am putting in my mouth.

    Great post. Glad I found your other blog :)


  6. That's a great one to put on the fridge! Maybe if you read it each time you're tempted to have another nibble, it will help. It is really interesting to realize how much I have been willing to sacrifice (health-wise)in order to have that fleeting pleasure of fattening food in my mouth. You're right, it's not worth it, so why does my mind keep yearning for it? Ack!

  7. I'm going to agree with Cook Clean Craft, on this one. It's bad to deny yourself something that you want, too. Just learn the right amount to eat. A small piece of cake, two Oreos instead of four, etc. You get your fix without ruining your weight loss/maintenance streak. Teach yourself these things, and you will do great! (Says wise old Shauna.) :)


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