Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall 15 Contest

So the summer 15 contest didn't go too well.  How about The Fall 15?  It's always the right season to lose weight, right?  The main thing I like about these challenges is to stay focused and be accountable.  Sure, I often forget after a few weeks but who knows, maybe one will stick.

I am really enjoying the Hot 100.  It just started and I'm loving all the new blogging buddies I've found!

So here's to the Fall 15! I'll be posting results for this challenge on Sunday night or Monday.

Not a lot of plans this weekend, I just need to get caught up on dumb computer work.  So hopefully it will go well with eating!  Wait, not hopefully.  Scratch that. It WILL go well with eating. Confidence is what's it's about!

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  1. By the way...I've given you an award on my blog!


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