Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall 15 - Week 1

Okay, so the Fall 15 challenge wants me to update on Mondays so here goes.

Didn't go too well. Totally heading the wrong way.  Seriously, just bad, bad, bad and worse all weekend and even into today. Not focused at all and I bought candy!  Yes, I bought candy! This time I can't blame the husband. Yes, I MEANT it to go to him but then we opened it and I ate WAY, and I mean WAY too much. Stupid, stupid. 

Moral of the story. I'm not buying anymore candy. I won't, I won't, I won't. Doesn't matter how cheap it is or how many coupons I have. It's not coming here any more. 

So as of this morning I was 239.4. Yikes! I told you it was a horrible weekend!!  Today wasn't as bad and HOPEFULLY I can make this up and try to refocus.  Today actually started bad but ended well. Which is odd as it is usually just the opposite.  I ate a stupid breakfast but then just kept it in check the rest of the day and wasn't really hungry for dinner and ate a small healthy dinner. 

Fall 15 - Week 1 - 239.4


  1. it is a long journey Deb, not a short trip. Leaves you plenty of time to get it right!

  2. Easy for me to say don't eat the candy.
    Hard for me to not eat the candy.

    I just can't bring that stuff in the house. If Husband buys something he wants, usually it is not one of my favorites. So far this has worked. But it's not candy for me. It's chips, dip, cheese, Goldfish, pretzels. Empty calories.

    We can do this, but it's the mind that has to get there first. Focus. Don't buy the candy. Feel good because you didn't buy the candy. Just a small step. Then another one. They do add up.

  3. I bought candy "for the girls". Yeah...guess who ate most of the bag???????? Me. Lesson learned: It cant be in the house or I will eat it. Period.

    And you can (and me too) make up for it! The past is done and we can only focus on what we are doing (and eating :) right now. Baby steps.


  4. Practice makes perfect! Sometimes it's one step forward and 2 steps back. No matter what it takes if you are determined, you will end up in the right direction!
    Is that enough cliches for you??
    The best thing about the challenge is the built in support group. If you need help....just holler! I am only a tweet, email, or FB message away!

  5. Oh dear. I'm sorry you had a rough weigh in. At least you learned that you can't deal with candy yet (god knows I can't deal with cheese), and can move on wiser.

    You had a good day today, and here's to hoping you have a good day tomorrow. Just keep racking those up and you'll be in business.


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