Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogging Community & Fall 15 Week 2

I just read a post that got me thinking about how awesome the blogging community is. 

They have helped me SO MUCH with my attitude about weight loss.  Those of who can see the side of the screen may infer that I have not had much weight loss success this summer.

Oh, but I have succeeded.

I have gained many invisible blogging friends who have motivated me NOT to mindlessly eat.  They have reminded me to get off my butt and move!  They have reminded me to cook healthy and not go out to eat. (...says the girl who just ate pizza take out yesterday)

They have helped me not to GAIN weight. If I had not started this blog, I am convinced that I would have gained weight.  I know it.

So no, I may not have lost weight this summer but just staying the same has been a total success for me.

This new challenge, the Hot 100, is just another way to keep me motivated. There are a LOT of new blogs that I so want to visit and hopefully eventually I will. It is crazy busy for me and just keeping up on posting on my own 2 blogs is tough.  But, I think that keeping up with my "friends" and making new ones is going to help me so I will do my best!!

If I don't always comment or get back to you, please know that I read and I am benefiting from your posts.  So thank you!


Fall 15 - Week 2 Update

Gained, going the wrong way.  Horrible weekend.  I hate weighing in on Monday mornings, especially after eating way too much take out pizza the day before!  Grr.

Start - 239.4
Weight = 240.4
Gain  = 1 lb even.
Total for challenge = + 1
16 lbs. to go. 


  1. You go girl.. yours keep me plugging....

  2. Hi Hottie!
    Just stopping by to say HI.
    I'm so glad you started this blog and didn't gain. that in itself is brilliant.
    Here's to a great week!

  3. I agree: the blogging community is AMAZINGLY motivating! And you will get there, no doubt about it!

  4. Yeah I attribute a great deal of my success to having peers in the blogging community who get this whole weight loss journey thing and those same people support and encourage me. I can think of multiple times that I could have gone astray and my RL friends wouldn't have said a thing or in anyway held me accountable, but my blog community friends would have called me to the matt on it and I backed off for that reason.

  5. I like the idea of weighing in on Mondays. It keeps my thoughts more concentrated on eating better over the weekends when I typically let it all fall apart.
    Next week will be better! Keep at it!

  6. The blogging community can be a great source of support and accountability. Nothing like knowing you have to go blog about your choices! It makes you stop and think twice about them!

  7. I agree, Debbi. I feel accountable to my invisible friends, too, because they will hold my feet to the fire. In a nice way.

  8. I am new to the blogging community, but sure am enjoying it! It holds me more accountable for my actions! Check me out at

  9. Hi fellow Hottie - thanks for stopping by my site. Isn't it a great environment and these types of challenges get you "meeting" so many new great people. There is a lot of support out there!

  10. Hi Deb. You're doing good. Like you said no gain is great. Holding it there is work too. I'm hanging in there right now too. We'll get there. I know we will. Keep up the great work, keep posting these great recipes and it'll all work out.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  11. This is a great attitude to have because maintining really is GREAT thing--that is a success for sure when compared with the alternative of gaining. I just read another blog from a gal doing the Hot 100 about making decisions. She quoted Jilian Michaels getting in someone's face that was wanting to quit, saying "It's a choice. Make a different one." That's right on--everything we do is a choice. I think I'm going to start making mine a little slower (pause before stuffing the chips in my mouth) so that I have time to make a different one if what I want to do is going to mess up my weight loss efforts! Here's a link to that blog:


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