Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friend or Enemy?

Who knows us the best? Our best friend?  Your Mom?

It's not someone that we particularly like. It's not someone that we even spend a lot of time with. In fact, I think that I try to avoid him as much as possible.

Yet, he knows me better than anyone.

The scale.

He knows it all. He sees it all.  Sure we may avoid him for awhile but he still knows us. We can pound, stomp, slam and swear at him but he stays.   Day in and day out, he quietly sits there mocking us, taunting us.  He KNOWS we'll be back eventually.  We can't avoid him forever! 

I can order a cheesy stuffed crust deep dish pizza and eat the whole thing, throw away the box and NO ONE will know. 

But the scale will know. 

I can eat healthy snacks, carrots, celery and apples galore.  And yes, the scale will know.

So who knows you the best?

Yes, it's late, I so need to go to bed.


  1. You have to know that the scale is a HE. Because if it were a SHE. It would be much nicer to us. I can see myself stepping off a female scale after a weight gain. SHE would say. "I'm sorry about that. Just don't beat yourself up. You'll do better next time. I wouldn't have thought a half box of chocolates would have put that much weight on." Where as a HE scale would say; "OUCH! GET OFF, GET OFF. you're killing me! You must have really pigged out this week. OINK OINK! You're such a loser!"... It IS late. I can't believe I'm still up talking about the sex of a scale and what it would say. I really must get in the bed.

  2. Yeah he knows me. And I know him. He's a real jackhole that guy. But, he better watch it. I know where he sleeps

  3. Deb, I am laughing at this one. You must have been up pretty dang late! But it ain't that he is mean, he is just honest. And sometimes people confuse the two. I dunno about you, but he and I are on pretty good terms now!!

  4. lol...i actually like that the scale is totally incorruptable...he's the Elliot Ness of the weight-loss world!

  5. lol he knows me too well. Probably the only one. Most people think they're being nice when they say "you don't look as big as you weigh :S" I'm new here and following. Love all the great healthy recipes. Feel free to visit my blog. I always enjoy getting a new follower.

  6. LOL--too funny! And true! Except there is someone else who knows--God! He's always watching--crazy that it isn't enough to keep up in line when it comes to our eating, but it is with the way we live. I guess b/c we don't view the way we eat as a sin, and I don't think it is, but it does have detrimental effects if we don't eat right.

  7. My scale does not know me well this week. I was a good girl and he was still mean to me :(

  8. I hid him in the closet this week. I've been so bad in the eating part the past three days I went and put him in the closet and not sure if I'll take him out next week or wait a week. He can sit in the dark and think about what he's going to say when I let him out. "IF" he's nice he can stay out in the sunshine, "IF" he's not, he can go back in that closet for another week.
    You made me smile tonight.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  9. I guess I'm weird... my scale is not a he OR a she. It's an It. A tool. A useful tool of information.

    And I appreciate having the information, therefore I appreciate the tool.

    It has no power over me. It is simply a reflection of my choices for the week. And having that information helps me make any needed corrections, or, to keep on keepin on.

    Without the feedback from this tool, I'd be like a car driving in the dark, not knowing til too late that I was about to drive it into the ditch! So... like I said, I really appreciate having this tool.

    Like I said... I'm weird.


  10. Hahaha. You saw that i dumped my old scale for he was unreliable, maliciouse and deceitful. The new one seems to be much more trustworthy. Whew! chuckle.

    Fun post. Yet, it carries a serious message, doesn't it? We can fool others & try to fool ourselves about what we eat--but the consequences match the deed, not the pretence. And those consequences are procliamed by the scale. Sigh.

    We're gettin HOT now!


    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll have to follow you on this one, tho. Your "dinner" blog just has tooooo much food porn...ahhh, I mean lovely pictures of deliscious food.

  11. LoL, I go halves with the scale so he'll keep his mouth shut! But it doesn't work.

  12. LMAO! Indeed... he is Satan incarnate... Though on the flip side he could be our best source of motivation... evil as he is... I deff agree with the above though... It is a man... I've never had a girl make me feel bad about my weight.

  13. Hi,

    Water is not boring at all. Its a lot healthier than the amounts of sugar I put in my tea.

    I wish the scale would lie to me. lol Thanks for following. Im following back.


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