Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday & Hot 100 Update 4

Fun size butterfingers aren't really fun.  Not fun at all. 

I didn't gain, but I didn't really focus too well so this weigh loss doesn't really count.  At least not to me. 

You see, I vowed I would NEVER see 240 again.  So, yes, a slight weight loss, but still over 240. 

Today was 240.4.  *sigh*

Red Lobster has endless shrimp.  Yes, endless.  They have it once a year and we splurge and go every year. I don't WANT to go this year. I hate the way I feel after, plus it's expensive!!  Don't tell me to eat sensible because IF I go, I so won't eat sensible.  Well, not entirely true.  I will give the potato to the son and I'll get broccoli. But I'm quite sure I will eat way, and I mean way, too much shrimp. 

If we go.

I'm still trying to fight it.  The husband and the shrimp loving son really, really want to go.  Yes, I theoretically could just send them but I won't.  I'm hoping that Sunday will come around and all will just conveniently forget.  I even hid the coupons that were placed on my desk as a "reminder".

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Hot 100 Update 4

4 weeks.  Sadly, I feel like it's been a wasted 4 weeks.  Actually, I feel like it's been a wasted 2 years.  That's how long I've been stuck. I made it down to 217.4 and then just stopped.  And slowly creeped up.  I'm so done creeping up but I'm still stuck.  So stupid.

So onto my goals.

Goal 1: Posting: I want to post regularly on the dieting blog here.

Still posting.  Once again, it helps to post, even on days that I don't feel inspired to do anything but whine.  Everything I type is a reminder though.  Commenting and encouraging others is a reminder for me.  It helps. 

Goal 2:  Food Tracking

No silly, I certainly didn't track the fun size butterfingers. That would be silly. Uh, actually, that would have been really helpful. Then I would have realized the stupidity of eating 500 calories worth of candy for NO reason and then eating a super small dinner and going to bed hungry. 

Goal 3:  Get moving:

This one I need to put a post it note on my computer monitor or something.  I need to find some sort of regular exercise.  Besides typing and cleaning up after 12 children.  (I only had 12 today, usually it's just 9).  Exhausting as that is, it's not going to build muscle in my flabby, sagging skin. 

Thank you to Steve again from who started the Hot 100.  He mentioned that we don't necessarily need to achieve our goals, we just need to stay accountable to them and continue writing about them.  It is so easy to set goals and then just sweep them under the rug and never pull them out again. Steve is asking us to keep them out and fresh in our minds every week.  This is good. It's what I need. It's what a lot of us need. So thank you!!


  1. Fight that urge ... You can do it... I tell myself when I want something "oh well, it will be there down the road, just not now".... AND I AM DESPRATELY wanting that apple/gooey/crisp topped with Vice cream from Applebees.... but I am fighting it and regular apple is not cutting it... :(

    PS Posting makes me feel better too..I feel like I am accountable

  2. Debbie, can I suggest something? You say you want to start moving, but the motivation isn't there. I suspect that the idea of exercising is daunting because you are thinking I have to devote X amount of minutes or it is useless, so you talk yourself out of it. Maybe try this. Go out on Monday and devote 5 minutes to your choice of workout, do the same Tuesday, then the same Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You have started a habit and your seeing that exercise doesn't suck for five minutes at a time. Then as the bug grabs you, you keep adding to it. This is how I got started, so maybe it will help.

  3. I agree with Shane's comments. Maybe just a few minutes of exercise will begin to establish a habit.

    For the record, I don't think the four weeks has been wasted. You are continuing with the challenge. As you pointed out, part of this is the constant reminder of your goals. That is working on you, and you will latch on to it at some point.

    You can do this Debbi! Make today a great day! At the end of today be able to look back and be pleased with the progress. You CAN do this!!!

  4. Debbi, I know how hard it is not to over eat the good stuff. The endless shrimp is something i would have to avoid all together. My mother has this magnet on her fridge it says "Skinny feels better than eating whatever I want"
    A splurge every now and then is fine. so Maybe eat really really well for like a week. and put Shrimp dinner on a sticky note on your fridge.that way you can "Earn" the shrimp. Keep your chin up! you can do it :D

  5. I love all-you-can-eat things. Like buffets. And if there are bbq beef ribs or cheeseburgers or crab salad... I go nutso. I don't see myself going back to that type of situation for a LONG time because I **know** I can't control myself. You want to get unstuck? Eating all-you-can-eat shrimp won't help. Just a thought. Vee at

  6. I wouldn't do the shrimp, Debbie. It would throw me off the wagon so fast I would just keep rolling.

    Stay at home. Save your money. Go to another restaurant with a friend who doesn't mind if you eat a salad.

  7. Hi Debbie,
    I ditto Jo's comment. Skip the shrimp. You KNOW you will feel better if you do.

    I will add to what Shane said: try this: when you have to drive somewhere (store, etc.), park your car as far away as you can. Plan of course a little extra time. But each time you do an errand you will get a little more walking and exercise in. Before you know it it will be a habit!

  8. I also haven't done well with the challenge. I'm not doing BAD but I'm also not losing like I'd hoped so I feel like I've wasted the last four weeks too. Yes, let's get to tracking! That is key! And I urge you to try exercising--I have found that it helps me feel really good mentally and physically and also makes me want to eat better. Maybe you could even dance around the house to some fun music so it doesn't feel like a chore!

  9. Oh Halloween candy. Sigh. I have dinner out tomorrow and I looked at the menu online and it is all very unhealthy stuff. I am picking the least horrible option.

  10. I struggle with exercising. Really those nuts who really like to exercise and sweat are crazy! I don't trust em. :)

    It's a new week! Even if you don't think you did an awesome job this week, you can pick it up this week. You are still here, hanging in. Don't give up!

  11. We live and learn and you learned from this week. I congratulate you for posting and being honest and having the desire to move on, make changes and get to your ultimate goal.

    You can do it! We don't have to exercise like crazy. Dr Oz says do it in 10 minute sessions a couple times if day, just move more than you are right now. You can do it!

  12. Debbi, your still IN the challenge. I'm sure there are folk who have dropped out by now, but you're still fighting. I'd say that counts as a GOOD four weeks. And everything that happens to us, EVERYTHING, is *GOOD* if we take something positive away from it. You can take experience from last week and plough it into next week, and WOW, just imagine how different your next update can be!

    Good luck, you're gonna make it!


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