Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday & Hot 100 Update 6

Bad, bad on the posting this week.  It's busy around here, but it shouldn't be any busier than normal. I just don't know where the time goes!

Weight is staying pretty much the same. Funny, I have really good days, then I have some bad days.  Consistency is still an issue.  The good days are outnumbering the bad but I know I need consistency to get results. 

Weight is pretty much the same, I lost .2.  Could be worse. Especially after the salty chinese food I ate on Saturday.  I could FEEL the salt in me.  It was good though but not something that I can indulge in any more.  I make awesome asian food here so I need to stick with that!!  In fact, I made a fantastic general tso's chicken just last night.  Healthy, delicious and way lower calorie and sodium.  I'll be posting the recipe for it in a couple weeks on my recipe blog.

Hot 100 Update

Goal 1: Posting: I want to post regularly on the dieting blog here.

Not as much and as thorough as I would like.  I end up only getting time to stop and think after the kids go to bed and by then my head is full of marshmallows and I lose that ability to say anything coherent or inspiring. 

Goal 2: Food Tracking

It's kinda all or nothing here.  The last few days have been very well, I've been tracking and coming in very good calories wise.  Then there are the days at when I just don't pay attention at all. I do a quick count at the end of the day, trying to remember everything I snacked on and realize that it's just way too many calories.  Really, can I seriously expect to come in under 1400 calories by accident and not tracking? It just doesn't happen.  So while it's been better, consistency is still an issue.
Goal 3: Get moving regularly:
Better ...and worse.  Better at being consistent with my mild weight training, pushups and some exercises.  Not so much with the treadmill.  I went on it once this week but that's it.  I have a small window of time when my kids are doing school (homeschool) and most of the kids are napping when I need to get on the treadmill.  I end up spending that time catching up on emails, writing up recipe posts or prepping for dinner.  There is always SOMETHING but I need to take the time.  I just wish I could chop veggies or something while on the treadmill. I'm not good at just doing ONE thing! 


  1. At least you had a loss :-) In my eyes a loss, regardless of how big or small, is a loss so be proud of that and celebrate it :-)

  2. You had a loss, you are tracking your calories on most days and staying in range, you are exercising (even if not to the level you hope for), and you are working on consistency. Debbi, all these are positive things. Just keep it up and try to do a little better each day. Good job!

  3. You are doing much better than you were before--even if you're not perfect, progress is progress and you just gotta keep working on it. Great job Debs!

  4. I know what you mean about the treadmill! I wish I could somehow make a table for the lap top so I can run and type...LOL That probably wont work though :)

  5. Hey, you lost! Remember, it can always go the other way, or you simply maintain! Take the loss, move forward, lose some more! Small steps are OK.

    I agree, if you know how, make your own Asian food! I'm fortunate in that I don't really like any of the Chinese restaurants we have in town. We are sort of challenged in the ethnic food department.

  6. Your getting there Deb. I know about trying to find time, it's hard and nap time is just not long enough at times. I know!!
    Keep up the good work and next week will even be better.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  7. Here’s to a better week next week. Stay strong! Michele

  8. I will repeat myself ... exercise is the key to weight lose and overall health!

    If you have to ... I do it all the time ... get up earlier to do your walking. Even if I only get 4 hours of sleep ... I get my walk in. AM is the best ... it gets your metabolism up for the rest of the day.

    But, if you want to continue as you are, go ahead. "How's that workin' for ya?"

  9. Oh I could so be singing the consistency song with you:( I want that recipe! My teen loves general tso's and not only is it super unhealthy but very expensive.

  10. Okay, my link shows above when I click on it. So let's see what happens when I do this slowly and pay attention to filling in the blanks:) And, not signing in with my google account, because I just never know what screwing thing google has going on next.

    Aha - it does not ask me for email address. Hmm.

  11. I'm so with you on the need to multi-task that cardio session. Book on tape? Practice your singing (I use showtunes mostly)... Call and chat with friends who don't mind your heavy breathing...
    I hope you find time this week for your treadmill.
    And I have to remember to come here for recipes!!

  12. It looks like you are making an effort at your goals. That's what matters! I can't wait to see the General Tso's recipe.

  13. A loss is a loss, be thankful for every pound!

    It sounds as if your life has been as hectic as mine lately. Hopefully they will both get much less hectic soon.


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