Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday & Hot 100 Update 8

Hot 100 Update 8:

Goal 1: Posting: I want to post regularly on the dieting blog here.

I'm still here which is "something".  Being accountable for ME, means posting more than once or twice a week.  I'm doing this challenge to HELP me be more accountable and achieve success.  I have not made any progress this week.  I'm still up a bit but basically holding my own.  I'm not happy "holding my own" though.  Some days are awesome, some just "okay" and others less than stellar. 

Goal 2: Food Tracking & Planning

Still basically off and on. Today I tracked and did okay. BUT. I didn't plan my meals, not all of them. I changed my goal here to read Food Tracking & Planning.  Food tracking isn't happening here without a plan.

Goal 3: Get moving regularly

Yes and no. Mostly no.  I'm still doing some weights and small exercises but the treadmill is getting a bit dusty again. No real excuses, ankle has been fine. 

This time of year is the busiest for me. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. I tend to procrastinate a bit throughout the year and now at the end of November, it's crunch time. So my already busy beyond belief life is now getting more busy.  I know that I still have plenty of time for meal planning, tracking and exercise. So no excuses! 

I"m also going to weigh officially in on the first of the month I think.  I still hop on the scale daily so no denial going on and I still plan on reporting progress on Wednesdays (accountability you know) but I think I'm going to make it official monthly.  We'll see.


  1. Accountablity is sometimes the best motivator for me. Everyone slips up and everyone falls off the wagon....but get back up there and do it again. I know you can! It's one day at a time and sometimes one meal at a time.

  2. Ah, busy is hard. I have been reading a of blogs lately about finding balance. I hope you can find yours this time of year:)

  3. Good morning Debbi. Thank you for stopping by. It's been a very long (55 hours and today isn't over yet) week so am really looking forward to the weekend.
    You will find the place you want to be. It's just hard with life, work, kids and more. Keep trying Debbi, keep posting and we'll keep coming back to cheer you on. Oh plus look at all the great recipes you are making.
    Take care and have a blessed day today.

  4. Keep going Debbi. It does get easier. Maybe try to set a daily goal?? Small increments might work better for you. Michele

  5. Sometimes we just have to coast through a funk and be successful because we haven't done too much damage. I'm coming out of one, and I am just glad that I came out at the same weight instead of 30 pounds heavier. But I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Progress not perfection. Just look out for you. Give you the relaxing you need but don't let you off the hook comepletely or you might end up resenting you eventually. Can't have that. :) You can do it! Life is just a series of one decision after another.

  7. One day at a time and keep going!

    I agree with the idea of a daily goal... just concentrate on one thing, rather than many.

  8. Seems this is a mad time of the year for all of us - hang in there, Debbi!

    And good luck especially for the meal planning. I think when you view this as a way of being sweet with yourself, it is going to bring awesome results.

    A while ago I realized that I should plan my work lunches with the same care I always planned my kid's lunch box. The thought of 'someone' (ME!) preparing something so lovingly for me, was so nice, I'm gonna keep doing it! Just imagine planning your eating and knowing that it's because someone (YOU!) loves you so much they want the best for you!

    Good luck for the week!

  9. I hear ya on the importance of planning the meals. I seem to go through stages where I do it consistently for awhile... then slack off. Things always go smoother WITH the planning!

    Here's to a better next week,

  10. I have a had an up and down week too. I also understand the importance of accountability. I need that.

    Have a great week!

  11. Please keep posting so we can keep reading. I haven't done my best over the past couple of weeks, either. But I am holding, haven't gained. I know I could do better, though. I think I am going to make a list (planning) to remind myself to post, drink my water, move my body, plan my meals, have something healthy to snack on, etc. This time of year is busy and I need reminders.

    Hang in there, Debbi. That's what this challenge is for at this time of year - to keep us focused.


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