Friday, November 12, 2010


4 days ago, my kids were outside wearing shorts and a tshirt.  It was in the high 60's, sunny and gorgeous!  We've had a wonderful fall here in Minnesota and I really can't complain a bit.  Our tree in the back yard drops it's leaves late season, so we JUST got done with the clean up yesterday.  Blew off the roof, bagged the leaves, mulched some leaves and hauled it away. 

Tomorrow I am supposed to wake up to up to 10 inches of snow. 

Not even a transition with some cold. Nope. Just goes from fall to winter like THAT! 


My kids are ecstatic.  The more the better they say!  They are all set for a Saturday full of snowmen, sledding and snowballs.  All I see is shoveling, ice and wet dripping clothes. 

So I think we're planning to just hunker down for the day and watch the snow fly.  Maybe put some soup in the crockpot or something.

I've ignored the scale all week.  I've stayed focused and haven't indulged in too many stupid things.  We won't talk about the 2 oreos that may or may not have shoved themselves into my mouth.  They were stupid red winter ones that the husband bought.  Oreos are NOT supposed to be red!   


  1. If you see Red Oreos...i think it's your duty to at least try one or two. lol. If that's the worst you've done this week, i think you can chalk this one up as pretty darn good.

    I'm with your kids on the merits of snow...i love the stuff and i only wish it snowed more here in Manchester.

  2. Snow! I'm dying to know if you're actually in a storm. When we were kids snow on Saturday was always a mixed blessing -- one day earlier or two days later and we'd have gotten a free day from school. Still fun though, any day of the week! Red Oreos? Wow. That's gotta be a sign of something.

  3. Indeed this was a snowy weekend for MN! I missed being in Spain, but we are still without power in MPLS. Hope you made out okay and had fun in the snow with the kids!

  4. No snow here yet, but I'm sure we'll see it sooner or later. Snow showers have been in the forecast a few times already at night.

    Today was rainy, is now sunny and windy. I'll probably get some yard work done. One thing sure, digging out from under 10 inches of snow will burn a HUGE number of calories!

    I went hauling leaves to the dump yesterday as well! However, I am nowhere near done for the season thanks to the neighbor's huge maple tree that has not dropped even half of its leaves yet. Lucky you to be done with the leaf clean up before snow hits!

  5. You can keep the snow there...I'm not ready for all that yet!


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