Sunday, December 26, 2010

Still Eatin Well

Food today mainly consisted of leftovers. Which was perfectly fine with me.  It's been a pretty uneventful weekend.  It was nice just to stay home and be with the kids.  We watched some movies, played games and read a lot.

I still have a WHOLE bunch of chow mein so you'll be seeing it for lunch all this week.  Unless I give some to my dad tomorrow.  This chow mein is the most filling, low calorie, delicious food I can make.  The whole gigantic crockpot was only 2250 calories.  It sits well in the refrigerator too.  I recommend it for anyone who is looking for an awesome low calorie choice.  I did alter the recipe from what is linked here, if you are interested in the revised version, let me know. I won't be reposting it for several months probably. 

Today's Eats:

Ham & Egg Beaters - 120
Yogurt - 100
1/2 banana - 50
2 cups Pumpkin Chili with sour cream - 400
Salad = 120
Yogurt - 100
Chow Mein - 180

Total = 1070 calories

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