Thursday, December 16, 2010

Carbs & Hot 100 - 12

I for one happen to love carbs!  Who doesn't! 

I've never done strict Atkins or South Beach but the principles are good.  Carbs are typically higher in calorie and many are just not good for you.  So when tackling the 1200 calories diet, it seems logical to limit carbs.

I am not a believer that you should not eliminate anything in your diet.  (Except peanut M&M's, those should be eliminated).  I certainly don't abstain from carbs but they are making a lesser appearance in my diet lately. 

Interestingly, my diet today included more carbs than usual. I think.  I don't really track, I pay more attention to calories.  The carbs that I do consume are typically high in protein and/or fiber though.  I think it's also interesting that while today I ate MORE carbs than usual, I also was not hungry as much. Although for the most part, I'm not hungry.  I do tend to get the major munchies in the afternoon though. Today, not so much.  Hmmm...

Today's Eats:

Oatmeal - Apples & Cinnamon instant = 130
Salad = 120
Leftover roast and potatoes = 400 (tops)

Total = 1125 calories
Mucho agua!

The butternut squash rancheros rocked!  Seriously you must try them.  From the original recipe, with the cooking spray, it was only 425 calories per serving. That was a LOT of food!  Very filling! I ate an extra bit of squash though just because it was nummy! 


Hot 100 - Update

Posting:  Now that I'm actually tracking, I seem to be posting more. I leave the window open on my computer and just type down what I eat throughout the day.  I can also jot down random thoughts as they appear.  Before, I would get to posting and my mind would forget everything that I had thought of previously. Not sure if this will continue all the time but it's working for now!

Food tracking: Spot on again.  Maintaining the 1200 calorie/mega water diet as I call it and it's working well. I'm not recording weight until the 1st but I can tell you that the scale is moving in the right direction. Now, if I just hadn't gained like 5 lbs. the week before I started this!  Grrrr...

Exercise:  Not so much. Still little things but not anything regular. I started exercising with my daughter a bit but then it sorta petered out. It hasn't become a habit yet. I don't have the longing for it.  I still dread it. Have to work on that!  


  1. Deb, I think it is great you are on a roll! get that momentum going into the New Year!!

  2. Sounds like we kind of do it the same. I eat lower carb, but track the calories... well, supposed to, but sometimes get lazy! :-O

    Anyway, sounds like you had a good week in the calorie/water department.

  3. I am so torn on the whole carb issue. But I can clearly say that I only crave carbs and only overeat carbs. So for me, I do best when I restrict them, but I have not decided exactly what that means, yet. I DO think that there are certainly healthy carbs and not healthy ones and that we'd all be better off to eat more of the former and less of the latter.

  4. I actually have a note pad at my desk at work, because I'll think of something I want to post and if I don't write it down - its lost!

    Great job keeping tabs on your calories - and even on the new WW plan, a vita muffin top that used to be 1 is now 3 points, and an ounce of peanuts used to be 3 now is 5. It leans toward lean protein and complex carbs, which I am loving!

    Happy Friday Debbi!

  5. Great job on the HOt 100! The desire for exercise can/will come, but it's definitely hard to fit into a busy family life schedule. :)

    My carbs have petered out more too, though I'm not against them. It all has to be balanced I think.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Today it's rather cold here and my body just couldn't help but crave for more carbs...I had fish, risotto leftover, and Swiss rolls...and chocolate...gosh...a lot of high sugar stuff. Thank God, I did one hour yoga this morning....

  7. I've done Atkins and south beach before, and learned that completely restricting carbs just isn't for me! I think making them whole grain and whole fiber (less processed junk) is the way to go though! You're doing amazing!!

  8. Balance seems to be the key. I am usually over a bit each day on my carbs but I'm trying to keep them less then 50. I saw a low carb show today and he had some interesting ideas. Gonna try a couple of them. Also need to check into splendia, I know my sister uses it for a sweetner for her diabeties.
    Anyways, you've gotten the bug and are doing wonderfully. Keep up the great work.
    Have a great and blessed weekend.

  9. Debbi, it sounds like you are rocking the 1200 calories. Great job!

  10. I honestly do better with less carbs but have added them back in for this phase of the Double Dog challenge as a change of pace and because I have started to learn how to run.

    Ultimately though, the diet that works for you is the diet that works for you.

    And your food blog is absolutely incredible. I can tell I will visit it often.

  11. LOVE carbs! In fact, I used to have a t-shirt with a pig and cow dancing on it that said "I eat carbs" or something like that. Ironically, I was on the Atkins diet at the time--LOL! I'm the opposite--I notice I'm less hungry the less carbs I eat. When my only carbs are coming from veggies, my hunger level is very low compared to when I'm eating what I want. Great job tracking and posting!

  12. I have to say it's great to see you on a roll! For me, I just try to keep things in a reasonable balance. Not high-carb, not low-carb, just moderate. Fats moderate too. That seems to really help me and I don't start craving one or the other.

    I think I was going too low on carbs for a while, and now that I'm eating them a bit more often, have more energy. But it does vary from day to day. I need them more on my exercise days than I do on a very sedentary day like today.

    Keep up the good work! Diet is 90% of weight loss... you'll get to the exercise when you get to it, but kudos for getting the food under control first!

  13. I've found that too. The lower you go the lower carbs that you take in compared with everything else. When you're limited there's not a whole lot of room to give attention to them! :)


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