Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Same Boring Food

I told you I tend to eat boring food throughout the day.  I have basically been posting the same thing all the time for breakfast, snacks and lunch. I do good if I have routine.  When I run out of yogurt, I panic for a protein filled snack.  When I run of salad, I panic as I like being able to eat an entire huge bowl of something tasty for 120 calories.  I don't have time to get creative at breakfast.  So here are a couple of pictures of my everyday boring foods that I eat all the time.

My eggs and ham:  This is what I typically have. A little less than 2 portions of egg beaters.  2 oz. ham and just a bit of salsa.  These slices are 1 oz. a piece. I also often get some thinner sliced and then I get 4 of my little guys to wrap up and eat. My little ham/egg tacos is what my kids call them.  120 calories.


Yoplait yogurt: About 10:30 I have my morning snack.  Yogurt.  I love all the thick and creamy kinds, especially the key lime and the orange cream. 

My Morningstar Black Bean Chipotle Burgers: I first saw these at Costco. I had a coupon.  Then proceeded to go back and get several more boxes. They are awesome!  I sometimes will eat them on an Arnold Select Sandwich Thin for 100 calories but lately I just eat them with a tablespoon of light sour cream and 2 cherry tomatoes if I have them.  They are also great on top of a salad with salsa instead of dressing.

My plain boring salad:  I buy an enormous bag of regular salad lettuce, today I threw in a small handful of spinach that I happened to have in the frig. I eat it with my favorite dressing, Kens Lite Vidalia Onion.  I use about 2 tbsp. of dressing = 120 calories

Vitatops:  These babies rock.  If you are looking for a great dessert, these are the things to buy.  They come in a ton of flavors, my favorite is the triple chocolate chunk. 

100 calorie bags of popcorn:  I tend to eat these more on the weekend after the kids go to bed while putzing on the computer. 

Todays Eats:
Eggs, Ham & Salsa = 120
Yogurt = 100
Salad = 120
Chipotle Burger with sour cream and tomato = 240
Snow peas = 35
Roast with Potatoes = 550 (tops, I think I estimated high)

Total calories = 1165 calories
Tons of water


  1. Doing good Deb.... I can't get into those Vita tops... they just reveiled a new flavor today.. Pumpkin something...of course all my crap is now sugar free... but I love yogurt too...

  2. That Key lime yoplait yogurt is my FAV, TOO! I eat at least one a day! No other flavor tops that!

    I never tried the Vitatops, but now I will thanks to your tip.

    Just a comment about salad: Over the summer I started making my own (I did a post on this: Cutting up the lettuce and storing it in a tuperware type container. I shred carrots and cabbage and a few other veggies into it. It is way tastier than the salad packages, keeps well and super yum. I cut the lettuce and make up my salad mix on Sunday-I get through most of the week with it. Just a thought.

    Thanks SO much for all your comments on my blog. You rock!

  3. Sounds like you're doing well. I like Vita Tops too, and I'm going to try the black bean burgers. You have given me some good food ideas.

  4. I love the black bean burgers. I bought about 4 boxes when Kroger had them on sale and I'm down to about 4 burgers left :( I've thought about trying the Vita Tops. I may have to do that. Oh and I also dice up my own salad and keep it in a gallon size ziplock bag. It keeps really well.

  5. Never had the black bean burgers or the Vita Tops. Sound interesting. Today am making chicken veggie soup that will last the weekend.
    You are doing awesome Debbi. Can't wait for you weigh in to see the big changes. Keep up the great work.
    Take care and have a blessed afternoon.


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