Monday, January 3, 2011

Back To School!

So my kids had last week off.  It was crazy busy around here as we had a couple more daycare kids but it was nice not doing homeschool during the day.  Well, apparently, we got a little too relaxed as today was just a disaster.  I don't know why it just seemed insanely busy.  Potty training 2 year old twins didn't help the day either. 

Funny, I was hungrier than usual today as well. Crabby hungry. I haven't been that way in a long time. I don't usually like to get that hungry or I end up eating the refrigerator.  That's why planning is essential for me.  By the time dinner came around, I was crazy hungry but I knew that just one portion of food was allowed. If I hadn't pre figured out the calories and planned, I totally would have eaten 2 portions without even thinking. 

Todays Eats:
Oatmeal = 120
Orange Yogurt = 100
Apple Stew = 350
Salad = 120
Fruit Crisps = 40
Buffalo Chicken Shepherds Pie = 465
Total = 1195 calories
Lots of water
Exercise done

Yikes!  The Buffalo Chicken Shepherds Pie came in more calories than I expected. It was super good and very filling though.  Next time, I won't add so many mashed potatoes on top. I thought there was too much. 


  1. I think it is so important to preplan the portions and the calories, too. Nice work on keeping to your plan even though you were hungry.

  2. If I don't plan then I can get into serious trouble. The biggest stumbles are when I am emotionally drained and don't know what I am going to eat.

    Congrats on getting it through it. That takes a lot of focus and commitment.

  3. I have to watch for that too- when I get hungry, I'm more likely to make awful choices. Good for you fending it off!!

  4. Congratulations on 14 pounds! My husband and I are just starting a plan (again) before a big summer vacation at the beach. Quick question...How do you figure the calories for your meals? I have struggled with attempting to get a caloric value for things that I prepare at home, but have no idea how to get even remotely close to accurate!

  5. Good morning and well done Debbi. You are doing excellent. Keep up the great work.
    Potty training one 2 year old is enough for me, can't imagine twins. We are back in school too, house is real quiet now with just two compared to over the holiday. Back to preschool too. Letters G&H and number 6&7.
    Take care and have a blessed day.

  6. Planning is so important. I have sabotaged myself many, many times because I didn't plan for the situation. Live and learn.

  7. You should see the lunch bag I bring to work every day, its got breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc. and now that WW has free fruit, I eat fruit all the time now - love it!

    Hope the week settles down some :D

  8. Debs, it sounds like your life is the stuff reality shows are made of! Great job on the planning--I'm glad it saved you. I have overeaten many times simply because I got too hungry and failed to plan.

  9. Nicely controlled the hunger pangs and food-triggers there Debbi. Keep it up.


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