Sunday, January 2, 2011

No M&M's!!

We have 3 congregations at our hall for our religious meetings. So every year we rotate times.  10, 1 or 4.  We're now at the 4:00 slot for meeting. Boy was that hard to get used to.   Every year we go through the adjustment of the meeting change.  We'll get used to it.

Hubs bought leftover holiday candy that was on sale today. 2 bags of mini milky ways, 2 bags of chocolate kisses and some chocolate covered pretzels.  I was cool with this as none of it is that much of a temptation for me.  I don't mind giving the kids a couple of mini candies in the evenings.  However, I did draw the line at the M&M's he wanted to buy. Doesn't matter how cheap M&M's are, they are NOT coming in the house!  If they were individually wrapped, it would be okay, but not the ones that you just dump in a bowl.  No way.  I know better than that. :-)

Today's Eats:
Egg, veggie & ham bake = 250
2 Turkey Broccoli Wraps = 450
1 cup Apple Cider Beef Stew = 250
Breadstick = 100
Total = 1050 calories
Plenty of water

The beef stew that I made was really good!  It made a ton so I know I'll be eating it all week for lunches.  It came in just under 250 calories per cup which is pretty good.  I had a cup and a breadstick and was plenty full. I thought about having a banana for evening snack but I'm just not hungry so I'm done. 


  1. I feel you on the M&M's. Arg, those stupid little candies will blow my diet faster than a Krispy Kreme! Because you KNOW a donut isn't a wise choice. But a handfull of M&M's seems so harmless! Good for being strong!

  2. Way to put your foot down!

    I'm so going to make the stew this week. Hubby has already said "HELL NO", but I'm making it anyways. It looks and sounds yummy!

  3. Ugh, I hate those easy to munch on snacks!! When they're small, it's easier to forget just how fast the calories add up. Good job voicing your needs, and awesome that husband is supportive! Mine still tries to bring junk in the house, although it's getting rarer.

    And beef stew? Mmmm.

  4. Oh, sigh, M&Ms in a bowl. Any of that sweet stuff would have tempted me. My husband is on a Dove chocolate kick right now. He should not be eating it. I am NOT eating it but sometimes I eat something else out of frustration. Darn him!


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