Sunday, January 9, 2011


A little background about me...

My mom died early so my dad was left with 3 young kids. Our meals consisted of TV dinners, frozen pot pies, frozen pizza and hamburger helper.  A "homemade" meal would be sloppy joes; hamburger and a can of tomato soup.  Like many pre-teens in the 80's, I was completely self absorbed and didn't take on the challenge of cooking.  At all.  My weight increased.  Once I had my drivers license and discovered the beauty of drive thru's, my weight skyrocketed. 

I can't entirely blame my dad, he didn't know any better.  He still doesn't.  He's not overly overweight but he's diabetic and eats cupcakes and poptarts all the time.   

My weight was hovering in the upper 200's. throughout my 20's. I really didn't pay attention. I just ate.  I first hit 300 when I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I was horrified to see that number!  I swore as soon as I delivered, I would never see that number again.  Well, that wasn't so.  I never regularly weighed myself but I know that I hit 325 at one point even though I think I stayed in the lower 300's for several years. 

Then I was diagnosed with diabetes.  That was my aha moment. I just looked back at the dates, that was March of 2008.  I finally did something about it.  That scared me out of my denial and I finally took control.

I just updated my side panel with the correct dates according to my records. I had just guessed before.

I started journalling everything I ate and recording my weight daily. I did this for about a year.  Then I got sloppy, stopped tracking everything. I started tracking everything in my head. I thought that was good enough and I thought I was still in control. I wasn't. It didn't work.  I maintained my weight for awhile and then started gaining.  I started my weight loss blog in May with the hopes to gain control of my weight again.

It didn't happen. Not until December. Phase 3 started.  I finally got it together. Now I finally feel more in control of my future.  My lowest recorded weight was 217.4.  I am just 14 lbs. from seeing that number again.  I feel confident that I will see it and go beyond it very soon.   

Today's Eats:
Yogurt - 100
Salad with cucumbers, tomato and dressing = 150
Chicken wrap = 360
     Whole wheat tortilla, chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cheese & ranch dressing
Banana = 105
Black bean burger with sour cream, tomato and lettuce = 350

Total = 1065 calories
Water = Just shy of what I needed,
Exercise = some, not a lot


  1. You are doing a great job! I get a lot of encouragement and inspiration from your posts.

    I know you will make it to your goal.

  2. I enjoyed learning more about you. For less noble reasons than you, I was raised with pretty bad examples of how and what to eat. It's no wander we struggle with our weight! I admire your commitment to your own health. You're on a roll and doing great!

  3. I think it helps to stop and realize from where we came so we can get where we are going. Like Sharon, I enjoyed learning more about you. You can do this!

  4. Diabetes is scary. When my sugar went from normal to 121,that's when I began creeping down from my high of 299....I have not returned to that high, and hope sometime this year to be UNDER 200...While my sugar has been normal and my AiC improving, the last reading (even after losing some) was on the right edge of normal. I want it squarely in the middle or better. :D

    It's sad your dad never learned good habits.

    Oh, man, I cannot look at your sidebars. I want to eat all that stuff. :D

    Have a good one...

  5. I think acknowledging your history (and I have to say, I seriously admire your dad even with the bad habits) is a great thing to do on this journey. We're responsible for our own actions now, but it's good to see where and when our bad habits started to get a better handle on them now.


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