Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lazy Day

Is there such thing as negative exercise?  Boy, was today a lazy day!  We did NOTHING.  Both of my boys spent the day at friends houses and the daughter and I just spent the day watching TV, some art projects and doing nothing.  The nothing-ness continued on, into the evening after hubs got off of work.  It was kinda nice. So glad I got my exercise in for the week! 

Today's Eats:
Ham & Egg Beaters burrito = 220
Yogurt = 100
Pistachios = 100
Salad with dressing = 120
2 Turkey wraps = 450
Banana = 120

Total = 1110 calories
Water = Plenty
Exercise = none


  1. how are you surviving on 1000 calories without starving!! dang woman you go as for exercise, lazy days are amazing if they are just once in a while! haha

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words, Debbi. I'm sorry you are feeling in the same spot as I, but we just have to stick with it. The scale will cooperate next week. Nature rarly moves in a linear fashion, right? LOL

  3. We've had a mostly lazy today so far too, I think they're needed now and again! Propped up on the couch with tissues and meds, and video games! Enjoy it!


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