Thursday, January 20, 2011


My skinny, fit, athletic brother went to Sam's Club last week and brought this home. He eats like 2 pieces a day.  It's almost gone.

He went to Sam's Club again today and brought home these 3 cheesecakes.  Yes, 3 cheesecakes people.   He came home today and said he was at like negative calories for the day as he had a super big workout at the gym.

Oh, he also bought me some chicken. How nice of him.  Sorry, but the cheesecakes sorta overshadowed the chicken gesture.

He came home, had a piece of cheesecake, then 4 turkey broccoli wraps, then another piece of cheesecake.  He keeps Kashi bars downstairs, I wouldn't be surprised if he was eating those too.

He actually is quite supportive of me and if this was a trigger food for me, he wouldn't do it. I do love cheesecake but it doesn't bother me having it in the refrigerator. A bag of doritos would be much worse! 

 He brought home a loaf of bread one day that had the dried onions on it and smells just HEAVENLY.  THAT was more of a trigger so he brought it downstairs and probably consumed the whole thing.  Isn't he sweet. 

Today's Eats:

Bagel thin, cheese & egg beaters = 175
Yogurt = 100
Salad w/chipotle bean burger on it and salsa and sour cream = 350
Craisins = 75
2 Turkey broccoli wraps = 450
Banana = 100
Total = 1250
Plenty of water
Exercise = walking and weight training

Sorry for the whiny post yesterday. Everyone has stress.  Yesterday just almost brought me over the edge.  It's not an edge I want to be on again. 

Breakfast: So I bought some Everything Bagel Thins and they are decent.  The plain ones taste yucky but the everything ones are palatable.  I ordered some Kim's Light Everything Bagels and I'm still waiting for those to come.  The bagel thins are nothing like a REAL bagel but I can handle them.  I would recommend the Kim's Light ones over the bagel thins though.  I also bought some sun dried tomato basil Laughing Cow wedges that are 35 calories a wedge.  So for breakfast this week, I've been having a bagel thin for 110 calories, cheese wedge for 35 calories and 1 portion of egg beaters for 30 calories. It makes a nice, simple 175 calorie breakfast!  Then I eat my yogurt around 10:30.  Keeps me full until lunch!


  1. You have some Herculean self control!! There's no way I could handle sweets like that in the house- poor husband, heh!

  2. Oh. My. God. Those cheesecakes look far too tempting. I'm kinda glad Sams Club folded here in Canada - no more treats like that for me :) Cheers, Rick

  3. I would be totally beside myself if there was cheesecake in my fridge. I can't handle having it here. It is one of the few desserts that really tempts me.

  4. Please tell me your brother kills himself working out b/c otherwise, I don't know how not to hate him. ;) Oh, I'd kill him if he brought that in my house, but cheesecake is a huge weakness of mine. I only eat it like once every five years b/c it's so calorific and I overeat when I start on it. I once ate half a cheesecake in one sitting. If you ever find Western Bagel Company's Alternative Bagels in your supermarket, try them! They're pretty good-sized and 110 calories and nice soft, chewy texture. Sometimes grocery stores take special requests so if yours does--put in your order! My favorite are the onion (they have poppy seeds on top and are kinda like everything bagels), blueberry & cinnamon spice.

  5. First time visitor. First post I see is cheesecakes ?!?!?! Hmmmmm, kind of makes a person not want to come back.

  6. Hi Debbbie, just flipped over here from your amazing cooking site. are STRONG to have resisted the Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. BUT...your lightened up version looks JUST AS if not better!!! Have a great day.


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