Friday, January 21, 2011


Today's Eats:

Bagel thin, cheese & egg beaters = 175
Yogurt = 100
Broccoli turkey wrap filling = 250
Salad w/ dressing = 120
Banana = 100
2 chicken & bean wraps = 445
Total = 1190 calories
Plenty of water

Ok, those chicken & white bean wraps were awesome! Super healthy, packed with protein and so delicious! The link will take you to the original recipe, I used chicken instead of tuna and subbed cucumbers for parsley. Added salt and pepper and they were awesome. I doubled the recipe too so I have plenty in the frig for the weekend. Even if you aren't a bean fan, you'll like these. It sounds weird but the beans and the yogurt together really make it seem like it's mayo. Hubs was convinced there was mayo in there. Not a drop. We ate this with 100 calories whole wheat tortillas for a total of 222 calories a piece. Nice. I probably would have been fine after one but I ate 2. I am stuffed.

1200 calories for the day, not a bit of hunger and I am stuffed to the gills. I love it! If anyone out there doubts that this is possible to consume only 1200 calories a day or if they for one second think that I am "starving" myself, get a grip. It is so possible and I am HARDLY starving! I've had fruit, veggies, meat, dairy and fat. 1200 calories is so doable!

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  1. Hey Debbi - those wraps do look good. Thanks for sharing the link. Cheers, Rick

  2. Good for you, Debbi. The wraps do look good but me a bread that hasn't been toasted don't get along well together. It always balls up in my stomach pouch and hurts like everything when I do any kind of soft bread or rolls or wraps. On the few occasions I've gotten chicken tacos at taco bell, I've always just eaten the chicken off it. I can use the wraps to make tortilla pizzas though when I have a pizza craving. I bake them until they are crisp though and then they don't give me a problem. Have a great day!


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