Friday, January 28, 2011

Evil Caramel Corn

Does peeing every 1/2 hour count as squats??  :-)

I forgot to post yesterday's food.  It gets hectic at night and I've been just focused on going to bed early so I don't always remember to post. 

2 days of going over 1200 calories. I try to estimate high so hopefully it wasn't that bad. 

I was done eating for the day and was paging through a cookbook that I need to review on my other blog.  The son convinced me to make caramel corn from the cookbook.  It's not my favorite and it seemed simple, so I did it.  What I didn't expect, was to eat so much of it. I didn't eat a ton but certainly a couple more handfuls than I wanted.

It's strange, when you go without sugar for so long, it does strange things when you have it again.  It was like this light bulb went off in me and it was like "Oh yea! That's GOOD!".  I drank some water, got the taste out of my mouth and was done but now I am craving it.  Grr.  What did I just do??   

Yesterday's Eats:

Tortilla, egg beaters, salsa = 175
Yogurt = 100
BBQ Enchilada = 350
Banana = 100
1 1/2 cups southwest chicken soup = 400
Craisins = 130

Total = 1255 calories

Today's eats:

Bagel, egg beaters, cheese = 175
Craisins = 65
Cheese & crackers = 250
Vitatop = 100
1 1/2 cups southwest chicken soup = 400
Pea pods = 50
Caramel corn = 300

Total calories = 1340 calories
Lots of water


  1. Sugar is the de-vil. Man I had sugar once and it totally screwed me up-my insulin levels got all wacky cause my glucose was all up then crashing down. Not a good feeling. Sugar begets more sugar I think... I have to leave your page now because it is making me insanely hungry again.

    Polar's Mom

  2. Sugar does beget cravings. For me. So, I try to stick to sugar-free treats when I allow them. Fruit or sugar free.

    Da DEBBIL!!!!

  3. I can't do sugar much either. It really makes me crave more and more. Thanks for your post on my blog.. do you have any recipes for granola bars? I would appreciate it if you do. :)

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  5. I totally get the sugar-demon!! I stayed away from my weakness for 2 months.. had a little sugar, and it's back to rebuilding that hard-won self-control around sugar again. Not worth it at all!


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