Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday Food

Just realized I never posted yesterday's eats.  I'm sure many of you don't care about what I eat but I LIKE posting it, it gives me a place to record down what I eat.  It's now a habit and I'm sticking with it.  One of the most important things I've learned is that writing down what you eat is essential.  When I started estimating and just doing it in my head, I stopped losing.  So while many of these posts may be boring, they are helping ME with my weight loss.

That being said, I broke even this week. I pretty much expected it. It's "puffy week" this month and the scale is not kind.  A couple of days ago I was 4 lbs. up! Isn't that insane?  I can totally tell when it's happening as I drink the same amount of water but I'm just not peeing all day.  I FEEL like I've lost weight though so hopefully we're in for a banner week this week! 

Today's Eats: (Saturday)

Yogurt = 100
2 Turkey Broccoli Wraps = 450
Vitatop = 100
Granola Bar = 150
Popcorn = 100
Bagel thin, egg beaters & laughing cow cheese = 175
Banana - 100
Total = 1175


  1. I gained .8 this week, but not because I went crazy or anything! Like you said, it's a puffy week I guess. A stir fry full of shrimp, veggies, and brown rice may be healthy, but the sauce was loaded with sodium! At least it's not a "real" gain I guess! I may start posting my food this week too, just to see if it helps me get out of this rut. I definitely don't get bored reading yours, sometimes it gives me ideas! :)

  2. The scale has been up and down this week for me but I had made changes in the plan last week so it was expected. I did manage to go down a little and I'm hoping I will adjust to the new calories and be losing more by next week. Hang in there.

  3. I like seeing what everyone eats, personally. :)

    Sounds like it's a puffy week for a lot of us! Next week weigh in should be rockin'!


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