Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Blame Allan...

The highlight of the day was when I got done peeing for the umteenth time, I came out of the bathroom to see that a 2 year old had grabbed my baggie with frozen raw chicken off the counter, opened it and threw it in the toy bin.  Yes, I sorta had to blame Allan a bit.  :-)

Here is an awesome post that I found today.

Todays Eats:
Ham & Egg beaters = 120
Yogurt = 100
Salad with turkey = 150
Apple Stew = 250
Yogurt = 100
Naked Chicken Burrito = 450

Total = 1170 calories
Water = More than enough
Exercise = done

I actually don't know for certain how much the naked chicken burrito came to in calories. I know it was less than 450 and I ate a lot. It was awesome, let me tell you.  Recipe will post in a few weeks on the other blog.  :-)


  1. Gotta love kids (and Allan)!

    BTW: I tried the apple stew today. I wasn't a fan. Maybe it's because I used light apple juice instead of cider. The kids wanted to vomit and I filled up on cornbread. Oh well!

  2. We get clinkers here and there, when we experiment in the kitchen, but I find far more keepers than losers.

    The raw chicken story had me giggling! Well, that is one VERY disinfected and clean toy box now, I would guess!! Thank goodness s/he didn't EAT or lick any raw chicken! You'd have an entirely different set of problems to deal with ...

    Thanks for the giggle today! But I know it was a LOT of work for you.

  3. I'm sorry, but that is just too funny! I went to Allan's blog but didn't have time to find the post you were referencing. Did something similar happen to him? Oh, duh, I get it--it's his challenge, right?, and it includes drinking lots of water so you weren't there to keep the chicken incident from happening. Sorry, I'm slow sometimes. :) I'm trying to imagine what a naked chicken burrito is like. All I can see is a plain piece of chicken in a tortilla!


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