Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Push Ups

I do weenie pushups everyday in the bathroom in the morning. Sometimes at night too.  Weenie pushups are me just leaning over the sink with my feet against the bathtub (tiny bathroom) and doing pushups against the sink.  Not incredibly strenuous but they work for me. Makes me feel like I am doing something. 

So Allan gives us our exercise plan for the week and it involves pushups.  I'm thinking, no problem.  These shouldn't be difficult.  I do occasionally do them on the floor as well so I didn't think that my arm muscles would hurt or anything.

Well, first are fairly regular pushups. But the second kind asked to put our hands in front of us rather than spread apart.  That was supposed to work the triceps.  "Where the heck is my tricep?", I'm thinking.  Well, I did them yesterday morning and I NOW know where my triceps are.  Yup, they are those things that are hurting like the dickens today!  Actually, it's not that bad but I can certainly feel them! 

Today's Eats:

Raisin Bran & Milk = 250
Salad with dressing = 120
Squash/Chickpea pot pie = 335
Lime Yogurt = 100
Banana = 100
Egg Salad Wrap = 315

Total = 1220

I had raisin bran for breakfast. Very odd for me.  Hubs eats raisin bran and one of the daycare kids asked for it this morning but then decided she didn't like it after one bite.  I was just about to make my eggs and ham and decided to eat the raisin bran instead.  It filled me up for the morning so I guess it worked.  More carbs than anticipated though. 

Leftovers for lunch were awesome.  Then a mexican egg salad wrap for dinner.  If I hadn't been tracking calories I totally would have eaten 2 of those babies. They were GOOD.  I also realized that I haven't eaten meat for 2 whole days.  I like to make 1 or 2 vegetarian meals a week if possible, it just turned out that I made 2 in a row and then didn't have ham for breakfast.  I think I would eat MORE vegetarian meals if it wasn't for the family.  Hubs and the brother like meat.  Oh well. 


  1. Push-ups are TOUGH!!! I've not built up enough upper body strength yet to do too many (10-15) before my arms start shaking. We'll get there though, that's the whole point, right?!

  2. Good job on the pushups. Stretch those triceps out (although achy triceps actually make me feel good and remind me to stay on track) by putting your elbow over your head and pushing it down with the other hand--does that make sense? And, yum! Mexican egg salad wrap, whats that? I'm imagining chopped boiled egg, salsa, and guac rolled up in a big romaine leaf. I think I see that in my future!

  3. Push ups are the way forward - well done on your efforts.

    A good diet with regular push ups should give great results in the long term.

    Keep up the good work - you are doing fantastic!


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