Friday, January 14, 2011

Stupid Sugar Choices

I ate way too much sugar today.

It was so stupid. I made zucchini muffins and MEANT to just have 1/2 of one but ended up eating the whole thing.

THEN, the chocolate chips were RIGHT there so I took a small handful. Then another. I don't think I had as much as 100 calories but we'll go with it.

So because of the stupid muffin, I didn't have a main course for lunch and the salad just didn't do it for me. I was hungry. Which is why I probably indulged in the chocolate chips. Like a yogurt wouldn't have been a better choice? Really?

Also, because of the extra calories, I ate my dinner wrap filling without my 2 - 100 calorie whole wheat tortillas. Still delicious but not as filling. So I had an apple.

To top the whole stupid sugary day off, I had 2 bites of ice cream while scooping some for the kids. It wasn't even GOOD ice cream. I think mentally, I felt that I had already ate a ton of sugar so why not eat some more. What kind of sense does THAT make? I still did decent calorie wise but ate stupid calories. I'm hungry now too. Grr.

This wasn't about craving or emotional eating.  It was just stupidity.

Today's Eats:

Oatmeal = 120
Yogurt = 100
1 zucchini muffin = 300
Salad w/ veggies  = 200
Chocolate chips = 100
Broccoli slaw w/ turkey & teriyaki = 250
Apple w/ PB2 = 150
2 bites of ice cream = 50
Total = 1270


  1. We all eat (or have eatenn) like that. The best part is to recognize that you ate those foods and moving on. Which you did and blogged about it. We are all human. Mistakes happen.

  2. But you know, you stayed the caloric course. There's stupidity that makes bad choices. Then there's stupidity that says, "Oh, F, it, I already messed up so why not eat EVERYTHIG...." and there's the 2500 extra calories.

    It's been hard not having my after-dinner treats (I have my stock of expensive French and German chocolate and my sugar free chocolate) cause of the plan, but, well....yeah...what can I say? It's hard. haha

  3. Maybe you estimated high somewhere and you really came in at 1190 calories. Yep, I think that's what must have happened. ;-)

  4. Your totals aren't that bad, Debbi but if you saw my blog you know I had issues yesterday too. I made some super bad choices with absolutely no excuse. I really tick myself off sometimes. :)


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