Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Blues

As I said earlier, I broke even on my weight this week.  I KNOW there is a valid reason (period), but it's still annoying. Very depressing too. 

Exercise has been going very well. I am enjoying my stair exercises.  Yes, I said it, I'm actually enjoying the exercise. Granted, I'm not sweating profusely or exercising to the point of exhaustion but it gets my heart pumping and just doing it a few times this week, I can already see improvement.  Plus it's simple. It doesn't take any equipment or traveling to a gym. I just have to go downstairs.  Very nice.  I'm looking forward to seeing my endurance build over the next several weeks.
Today's Eats: (Sunday)

Bagel thin, egg beaters, laughing cow cheese - 175
Costco Samples = 350
Banana = 100
1 1/2 servings of breakfast bake + sour cream = 485
Granola bar = 100

Total = 1210

Lunch was Costco samples again.  Boy, did they have a ton of samples.  I estimated at 350 calories but that is probably an over estimate.  There were some pretty healthy samples.  As well as many not-so-healthy samples. They had Snicker Peanut Butter bar mini's on sample.  They were giving 1/2 a bar which would be 65 calories (130 in a whole one). I wasn't going to eat 65 calories on a snickers bar so I ate probably less than 1/3 and gave the rest to my son. 

He was so funny, he said "Didn't you like it?".

"Yes, I liked it."

"Can we buy them?"

I'm thinking, "I could eat 10 of those with barely a breath in between if I wanted to.".

"Uh, no.  We're not buying them." 

Dinner was a crockpot recipe from More Make It Fast, Cook It Slow. It's a cookbook that I am reviewing. I made this breakfast bake in the crock pot and it was really good.  I've never made breakfast foods in the crockpot. I had some shredded hash browns I needed to get rid of so this worked perfectly.  Plus I have plenty for breakfast and lunch tomorrow!


  1. Ick I know that feeling! I gain up to 5lbs when that time comes. Just keep at it like I know you will and it'll drop in no time. It's mostly water weight and tissue anyways.

    A good rule to losing weight is to workout so that you can still carry on a conversation. If you work out too hard you will lose weight slower. Once you are near your target weight it is time to bump up the intensity. I prefer to have my heart rate about 20-50 beats above resting.

  2. "Too hard" is a little too vague, in my opinion. Most exercise guru's (including Jackie Warner per her book) favor high intensity interval training. Sweating isn't bad Debbi, you're doing great with the exercising!

  3. It can be so disappointing when the scale doesn't move, despite our best efforts, but don't let it get you down. As soon as mother nature leaves you be, you'll see the results of your hard labor. Good for you on exercising and enjoying it!


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