Saturday, January 1, 2011

What To Wear!

So what do you wear when you are weighing yourself?  I suppose to be 100% accurate, we wouldn't wear anything.  Right? 

I weigh myself wearing my clothes.  I figure I'm wearing clothes when the Dr. weighs me and I'm not walking around naked all day. So for me, it makes sense to weigh with clothes.

The weight of my clothes doesn't differ much.  I do daycare so the normal day attire is t-shirt and pants or capri's. 

Granted, there might be a SLIGHT difference in certain things but for the most part, I don't wear a tank top and short shorts one day and a pair of jeans and a parka the next. 

Nope, they are always pretty much the same.

That being said...

Before my shower last night, I picked my new clothes for the following day.  Tomorrow is weigh in day.  Hmmmmmm...

"The pink shirt IS lighter than the blue one."  "Oh, the capri's are lighter than pants", "Oh, wait, these capri's are really THIN". 

Seriously?  This is what went through my head tonight.  Pretty pathetic right?  I think the outfit I am wearing is like 1/2 lb. lighter than another typical outfit I wear, that's it.

I did lose weight though. 14 lbs. for the month of December.  I'll take it  :-)

Today's Eats:
Caramel Sticky Rolls - 250
Peanut Butter Cheesecake - 100
Salad = 120
2 Broccoli turkey wraps = 450
Hash browns - 100
Total = 1020 calories
Lots and lots of water

Ok, so I had more of the Caramel Sticky Rolls than I intended. Gosh those puppies were good.  Highly caloric, super bad for you and not very filling.  At all. I just had a little bit too.

Then I had to taste the cheesecake that I made for my brother.  Remember, the skinny, runner brother of mine who eats a cheesecake every weekend just because he can?  Freak.  Well, each piece was 318 calories, I just took a sliver, I know it wasn't even 1/3 but I still counted it at 100 calories.  Boy it was good! 

So moral of the story, breakfast wasn't smart. Then I started chugging water, had a salad and was good. We made our usual easy go-to dinner, and I had some of the kids' hashbrowns.  Another not so healthy choice.  I am finishing off the day at less than 1200 calories but I am hungry.  I just started feeling it. I know I could go have a yogurt or something but I'm going to bed soon so it will be okay. I've gone too many years of not being hungry, a little hunger won't kill me.  :-)


  1. I weigh in my undies only and in the morning after a trip to the bathroom. Most of the advice I've read is to weigh in around the same time, but nothing about clothes. My mom weighs in with the same clothes every week. So, really it's just a preference.

    Today was my first day back on plan totally. I'm going to be hungry too. :)

  2. 14 lbs in December??? Wow! I need to do whatever you're doing. So I think I'll have a sliver of cheesecake. ;-)

  3. Congratulations on your 14 lb loss in December. I believe I found it, right on my hips! Oh well, today is a new day.

    You are doing great.

  4. I weigh in wearing as little as possible... meaning undies just like The Fat Mom mentioned above. I don't need to know what my clothes weigh... though I won't lie and say I haven't weighed my cat by weighing myself and then weighing again holding her. She hates it, but it's free entertainment.

  5. I weigh completely naked in my bathroom, first thing in the morning after a bathroom break! I know the scale at the doctor will be different, but I track my weight using my own scale for consistency.

    I had a similar experience New Year's Eve with food.. Husband made the little smokies, and I've always enjoyed those- until I checked the calories. Almost 200 calories for 5 of those tiny little suckers BEFORE you add the sauce?! No thanks, I'll never eat one of those again, LOL!

  6. 14 pounds is amazing! You go, girl! I always weigh naked, but that does make me disappointed when I go to the doctor since I always weigh more b/c of clothes and having eaten.

  7. Ummm, I might be psychotic enough to weigh my shirts and pants against other contenders on my food scale before deciding which I choose to wear for the weigh in...and of course I take my flip flops and glasses off...;-)

    Polar's Mom

  8. Hey Debbi thanks for your support! And can I please say that this post literally has me dying of laughter. I am the exact same way except I probably take it to the extreme. All bracelets off, socks, hey maybe even yank a tooth out anything to get lower! haha but maybe i'll try to do it with clothes on just with the same outfit everytime. and i hate your brother already because i love cheesecake!


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