Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 12 of 120

We went to the movies tonight.  8 of us all together.  3 adults and 5 kids.  Hubs and the 5 kids went to see Tron.  My friend and I were hoping for a chick flick but ended up seeing Unstoppable.  Definately not a chick flick but entertaining.  It was fast moving but predictable.  It helped that the 2 lead men were very nice to look at.  Denzel Washington just doesn't age does he!  Still, it was nice to spend the evening not attached to the computer or with my nose in a kids' school book. 

I meant to come home and have a snack. I am a bit hungry.  I sorta have been all day. Weird how somedays I have no problem and other days I'm hungrier.  Nothing here to tempt me, just slightly annoying that you eat, and still feel hungry.  I figure I spent way, way too much time in my life full.  I remember eating at a buffet for dinner and going to bed 5 hours later, still completely full, unable to eat another bite, regretting having eaten so much food.  I'd so rather have this feeling than that.  Off to bed. No need for a snack.

Eats -
Breakfast = 200
Snack - 75
Lunch = 300
Snack - 75
Dinner - 425

Total = 1075


  1. that last paragraph spoke to me! I often have days of no problem and then days of a little hungry all day and then I have days where I am starving no matter that I eat the same thing all the time. I think the starving days usually fall the day after a hard workout though. it is the little bit hungry days I can't pinpoint the cause for. If you get them figured out, please let me know!

    I also remember days of boy did I get my money's worth from that buffet and then going to bed saying boy am I an idiot? Looks like we all share a lot of the same stories in this community. How funny is that?

  2. Don't you just love it when you can feel a little snacky and still come in under your daily calorie goal? Keep on keeping on, Debbi!

  3. I'm going to bed hungry tonight too...but it will pay off in the long wishes for your weight loss..and healthy eating, especially bc w are modeling life for our kids..i enjoy reading what you ate...


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