Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 3 of 120

Eating is way on track, drinking is good. I always seem to be drinking water. Even though we are on a diet plan, I still count calories. I'm used to it.  I also round up on everything.  Breakfast and snack came closer to like 160 - 165 calories a piece.  Nightime snack was part of dinner and it was probably less than 150. I like to round up in case I miss something or make an error.  I'm pretty good at weighing and measuring so I'm pretty confident in my totals. 

The week seems long but the time is short. The piles of stuff on my desk just builds. I got my tax prep finished so YEA! One less thing to stress over.  I'm the ultimate procrastinator when it comes to that. A lot of paperwork with the childcare business, a lot of receipts to go through and I leave it all to the end.  Every time.  Now it's done so onto the miscellaneous piles of junk that need to be organized and put away. 

Breakfast = 175
Snack = 175
Lunch = 300
Dinner = 400
Snack = 150

Calories = 1200


  1. Yeah, I like to round UP , too, cause it's easy to miss something if it's not all measured out. At home, I can measure. Our and about, it's guesstimation, so rounding up is good. Once it's in Sparkpeople, though, they dont round. ; )

    On to day 4...

  2. I cant NOT count my calories and other nutrients now. It is too ingrained in me to do it.

  3. You're doing so great. Keep it up! I also round up. Just makes sense to calculate too much instead of under. Vee at


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