Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 4 of 120


Seriously, that is how I feel. How is that possible? I drink at LEAST 8 - 16 oz. waters a day. Most days more.  I drink throughout the day from 6:30 until about 6:30 so it's not all at once. 

Yet, my lips are red and getting chapped. My hands are dry and scaly and I'm itchy like I am dry.  I know it's winter in Minnesota and it's dry here.  I wash my hands more than anyone in the world with all the food handling and diapers changed.  But still. The last think I thought I'd be with all this water is dehydrated! 

Ate well today.  To busy to be hungry.  The few blogs that I get to are usually while bottle feeding a baby at my desk.  Multitasking & typing one handed. I'm getting good at it!  :-)

Breakfast = 175
Lunch = 250
Snack = 150
Dinner = 450
Snack = 50
Total = 1075


  1. Wow, great job at drinking so much water. That is something that I need to get better at. As far as staying hydrated... I think its just winter time. Hopefully when the weather warms up your skin itches will go away.

  2. I just noticed that your calorie counts are pretty similar to mine. How cool is that?

  3. I have noticed that when I get used to drinking so much more water, if I slack off even a bit then I end up parched. Now I can't even make it through the night without drinking (water)!!

  4. I'm not sure, but it could be also that your low-fat diet is making you more prone to dry skin. Since you probably don't want to replace any calories with (good) fat since there's not many to spare, just rub in the some rich lotions or even just rub olive oil directly onto your skin (a little goes a long way). It works even on your face and will not make you break out. It doesn't clog pores b/c it stays liquid at the temperature of our bodies. I am acne prone and used to use olive oil on my face with good results, except I used too much and it made me shiny since I'm already prone to oily skin. Try it and see if that helps. And keep chapstick on those lips--Valentine's day is coming up and your hubby will appreciate it--haha!


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