Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 7 of 120

We didn't end up going out to eat.  Whew!  Somewhat of a relief to me. I didn't have to pay a lot of money for something that I probably would enjoy better at home.  Considering how much I used to LOVE eating out, that is something for me to be relieved by not going out! 

We left the assembly and no one was hungry, we just went home and the kids ended up just snacking on stuff and we never went out.  Also good as I ate a slightly bigger lunch than planned so I was able to eat a very small dinner. 


Well under 1200, I figure about 1100


  1. Great job on staying under calories. Eating out is hard, thats where I always get in trouble. So much easier to eat in where you have total control :)

  2. I still like eating out, but I find that it's better if I don't eat out to the degree we used to. Less temptation. :)

    But as long as the budget allows, I love a nice date night dinner out. :)

  3. This sounds familiar to me. Lately, we just choose to eat at home. Cheaper, better, and we know what's in the home-prepared food. We've come a long way, Debbi.

  4. I almost break out into a cold sweat if my husband asks if we can go out. I have not yet reached maintainance stage and I haven't reached the stage where I can figure things out on the fly either.

    Good to go keeping under calories.


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