Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 24 & 25 of 120

I didn't post yesterday.  I was in bed by 6:30.  I still had this stupid headache and I literally craved my bed all day.  So the daycare kids left, I half heartedly ate a salad, took a shower and hit the bed.  Well, I woke up today, again, with the headache.  Pills will dull it some but I just feel like I am in a constant fog.  Ever try exercising with a headache?  Ya, it just doesn't happen.  I've taken advantage of the few times I've felt better to get on the treadmill but it still is pretty half hearted. I thought this headache was just because of my period but that's been over for a week and it's still here.  I hate how crabby it makes me.  Every smile I give my kids is completely fake. That sounds horrible but I just don't want to smile with a headache. 

My brother just bought an elliptical machine. One of the really nice gym quality ones.  He found it on craigslist. (he's such a deal finder).  Anyway, I tried it out today and like it.  I like the no impact part for my ankle but I could feel it in my knees more.  Hopefully I just need to strengthen the knees. I didn't do it too long today but it will nice to have some variety. 

Day 24 eats:
Breakfast - 200
Snack - 100
Lunch - 450
Snack - 150
Dinner - 250
Total = 1150

Day 25 eats:
Breakfast = 250
Snack = 100
Lunch = 200
Snack = 125
Dinner = 300
Snack = 100
Total = 1075

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