Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 26 of 120

Tomorrow should be an interesting day.  We're pretty much going to be gone the entire day.  We'll be eating out for lunch with friends for sure and then a quick stop at home to change.  Then we're going to the Science Museum to see King Tut for the rest of the day.  We're meeting friends there and even bringing an extra kid.  I have a feeling we're going to end up eating out for dinner as well. I've mentioned before, I don't do well with eating out. 

Lunch will be okay, I think I know where we're going and what I will have. Or I will just eat at home when we change. No worries there.  Dinner is unknown.  Normally I wouldn't be concerned because I have been PERFECTLY disciplined with my eating and planning.

Until today.

Today wasn't incredibly horrible.  I just did things that weren't planned.  I felt discouraged.  The scale is not only not cooperating, it's downright LAUGHING at me. I've been eating an average of less than 1200 calories, HEALTHY on plan calories, yet I gained weight this week.  Can't blame the period, meds or anything. I have no expanation.  It's incredibly discouraging.  Unless the scale works a miracle over the next 36 hours, I will be reporting a gain.  Last week I barely lost a pound so it's not like I'm bouncing back from a huge loss or anything. Seriously, no explanation.

How is that possible??  I went back and tried to find an error in my calculations. Did I consume an entire cheesecake without knowing it?  Maybe I had added a couple of tablespoons of bacon grease to every meal?  Ya, didn't happen.

So this is why I am discouraged. I KNOW I need to stay on plan. I KNOW I need to stop whining. I KNOW I need to ignore the scale.  I KNOW that results won't be instant. But, really, gaining weight? You got to be kidding me. I am feeling awful. 

And then today I ate off plan.  It was supposed to be Day 4 menu. First I ended up making a stupid turkey sandwich instead of an apple for snack. ?????  No idea why. Only 80 calories more but still, weird. Then I had some of the kids' spaghetti instead of the soup and salad I had planned for dinner.  (reverse lunch and dinner for you phase 5ers). Not a ton but more calories than I needed and was hungry for.  And my super nummy, healthy veggie soup is just sitting in the frig! 

Oh, and then there was the 6 bites of mint ice cream. That was horrible.  I didn't even really want it. It was just there and my head was pounding so I ate it. I wish I could blame the husband for buying it but it was ME who picked up the spoon and dove in. I know I shouldn't feel THIS bad for screwing up.  It's not like 6 bites of ice cream (yes, I actually counted), is going to make me balloon up to 300 lbs. again.  But I didn't like to not be in control.  I have no idea how many calories it was, I just estimated 300, hopefully it wasn't that much. 

So moral of the story.  I feel crummy and I hated how I ate today. Dinner tomorrow will be interesting.  My plan as of now, is not to eat or maybe a salad.  We'll see.

Breakfast = 200
Snack = 100
Lunch = 300
Snack = 200
Dinner = 600
Snack = 300
Total = 1700


  1. Scales are BAD. They are the enemy, seeking to making you feel bad and doubt yourself. They can vary for MANY reasons themselves, but assuming it's right, there are still many reasons you show a temporary gain: illness, water retention, slow in digestion, sleeping less the night before, body reacting to a specific food. The last is the likely specific culprit in your case. Mint ice cream did NOT contain 300 calories unless your 6 spoonfuls were 1/4 cup a piece! But it DID contain ingredients your body has seen in that quantity in a LONG time, such as processed white sugar and high fructose corn syrup. And even milk, probably. Your extra lb will go away if you stay the course, likely by Monday. Lesson to learn is that it fluctuates, especially with "cheats", weighing in once a month you will see your trend go progressively down:) Have a fantastic day!

  2. Have a fantastic day out!!!!

  3. You are probably converting fat to muscle if you are exercising more. So you won't lose "pounds" as fast since muscle weighs more.

    I think I would die of starvation if I only as as little as you do!(and I only weigh 110 pounds!) So it is not like you are over-eating!

    All I can say is excercise more and keep moving to increase your metabolism. Good Luck!


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