Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 50 of 120

Today I chose menu #8.  8 days of different menus, doesn't matter what order but a different one each day.  This was smoothie day!  I so love smoothies. I bought some flaxseed at Costco to add to the smoothies.  I still haven't gotten too creative by adding spinach and veggies.  The kids still watch way too closely for that.  The little one would freak out if he saw green stuff.  I so want to though!

So todays menu consisted of a smoothie, popcorn, tuna salad and a burger with lettuce.  The calorie count I got when I added it all up was 970 calories. I had a smoothie, chicken salad and a sloppy joe on lettuce.  Then came the popcorn.  Yum.  The sloppy joes were incredible and I wanted to eat like 12 but I enjoyed my one on lettuce while watching my husband eat like 4 of them.  Calories came in about 900 calories tops. 

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