Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 51 of 120

Weigh in day yesterday. I was really, really hoping for 214 but got 215 instead.  I'll live with that.  Hoping for a better week this week though.

Today is #1 of the 8 day menu plan.  Today is supposed to be egg, bacon, toast and jam for breakfast.  Peach for snack.  Tuna salad, crackers and grapes for lunch. Veggie oriental stir fry for dinner and then a milk and strawberry smoothie for snack.  Sounds awesome but for the tuna.  I'll have a salad with some different meat on it.  Dinner I will just sub the rice for a whole wheat 100 calories wrap and be good to go. 

I ate what I was supposed to eat today, I just ate too much of it.  Not a lot, but slightly more.  I had pineapple instead of the peach and holy cow that was good pineapple. I swear it was like eating candy it tasted so sweet. I just couldn't stop. I kept taking little bites here and there.  I figure I came in at about 1400 calories for the day when I was planning about 1100. 

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  1. We're so close in weight. Wow. My weigh-in for Sunday was a rounded 215.

    I had pineapple for my snack today (with 1/3 cup Greek yogurt. Wow. you are so right. It was superduper sweet and candylike. Amazing. My mouth was in heaven. :)

    Nitey...let's continue to good almost twin. :D


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