Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 58 of 120

Minnesota weather. So we left the house right after the daycare kids left.  We're walking the neighborhood handing out invitations to a special event coming up.  It's about 40 degrees and sunny but windy.  It was the wind that was rough.  But the sun was out which made it much better.  All of a sudden, one of my kids says,

"Is that snow?"

Sure enough, a few ice crystals were popping around us out of the few clouds that hung above.  All of a sudden, one pissed off cloud comes above and snow pours out and we have a 25 second blizzard.  While we're outside, with no mittens and hat and thin jackets.  (We're Minnesotans and it's spring, who needs mittens and hats any more?!)

Then the clouds part, out comes the sun and the snow is gone.  Ah, weather in Minnesota.  Gotta love it.


  1. My daddy and I went for a walk tonight. Spring type jackets but I did wear a hat and mittens. It was 35ish and sunny, then two blizzards, the sunny and again rain. It just can not make up it's mind at all.
    The interview went pretty good. Should hear back in a few days. Not starting until May but would be nice.
    Take care Debbi. Have a blessed evening.

  2. Hey you... it is me... had to switch up my blog

  3. Oh my word!!! That is totally crazy! It sounds like you live in Georgia with our crazy weather! Enjoy your invitation campaign. I got sunburnt Monday, Wednesday and Thursday...I even put sunscreen on! UGH!!!


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