Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 59 of 120

The weather redeemed itself today and it stayed sunny and was in the 50's. It was a much better day to be outside.

I had an odd eating day. I stuck to plan but totally wasn't in the mood for breakfast this morning so had my chicken salad for breakfast. Actually, I put salsa as my dressing to make it like a taco salad.  For breakfast. It totally was what I was craving first thing in the morning. Go figure. Then I had breakfast for lunch.  Waffles with real fruit jam instead of maple syrup. It was awesome.

It's also amazing how much longer the day seems now that I'm getting up at 5.  It's 8 pm now and my taco salad breakfast this morning seems like days ago. The kids are munching on popcorn and I'm so ready for bed.


  1. I sometimes have breakfast for lunch and lunch for breakfast. But then I have always been a person who adored Brunch!

    Enjoying the longer days this week, too. It is nice to see my husband leave and return from work in the sunlight instead of the darkness.


  2. It's warmer here, and we just got back from TX where it was in the low 80s! I actually prefer temps between 50-60. 5 Am?! I'm lucky to get up by 10 AM each day--LOL! That's what happens when you don't have to work until almost noon. Why are you waking up so early?

  3. I love when the weather is nice! Can't wait for it to stay that way for a while. Most of the time my breakfast is leftovers from the night before because it is just me eating. lol Nice work sticking to the plan!! :)


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